Winter Coffee set

Our favorite coffees for the winter. With these coffees you will survive any winter! These beans are especially suitable as an espresso.

  • Pacas: 100 % Arabica, Single Origin: El Salvdor, reminiscent of hazelnut and nougat
  • Francisco Lopez: 100% Arabica, Single Origin: Guatemala, reminiscent of cocoa and roasted almonds.
  • Yirga Santos: 25 % Robusta, 75 % Arabica, Blend: Brazil, reminds of chocolate and nuts
  • Grano Gayo: 100 % Arabica, Blend: Indonesia, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, reminiscent of nuts and brown sugar
  • Karibu: 100% Arabica, blend: Brazil, Kenya, Ethiopia, reminiscent of chocolate cookie and cinnamon
  • Reina: 100% Arabica, single origin: Honduras, reminiscent of orange and almond
  • Sierra Nevada: 100% Arabica, single origin: Colombia, reminiscent of hazelnut and caramel
  • Jejeba: 100% Arabica, Limited Edition, Single Origin: Ethiopia, reminiscent of blueberry and mango

The set consists of 250 g per variety of whole beans.

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€48.00/kg incl. VAT

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Weihnachtskaffees im Set - Reina Filterkaffee, Pacas Espresso

Made to keep you warm – Our set of wintry coffees

Winter hasn’t shown its best side yet, so we took care of making it nicer for you. We created a set of winter coffees, which will add coziness to any wet and cold day.

In this Winter Coffee Set, we’ve put together four coffees for you that are perfect for this time of year. They all have delicious sweet or chocolaty flavors in common, and yet each of these coffees has its own unique character and is clearly different from the others.

Filter Coffee Winter Set

Embark on your journey with Karibu, a pure Arabica blend from Brazil, Kenya, and Ethiopia. This coffee unfolds notes of chocolate cookies and cinnamon, spreading a warm and inviting aura.
The 100% Arabica Reina from Honduras transports you to a world of fruity and nutty nuances with a blend of orange and almond.
Experience the harmonious flavor of the pure Arabica Sierra Nevada from Colombia, enchanting your senses with a touch of hazelnut and caramel.
The Limited Edition Jejeba, a 100% Arabica from Ethiopia, offers a unique taste experience with hints of blueberry and mango.


Espresso Winter Set

Immerse yourself in the warmth of El Salvador with the pure Arabica Pacas, reminiscent of hazelnut and nougat, bringing a seductive note to your espresso cup.
Travel to Guatemala with the 100% Arabica Francisco Lopez, intensifying winter indulgence with flavors of cocoa and roasted almonds.
The balanced blend Yirga Santos, composed of 25% Robusta and 75% Arabica from Brazil, promises a harmonious mix of chocolate and nuts.
Completing the espresso experience is the unique Grano Gayo, an Arabica blend from Indonesia, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru, delighting with nuances of nut and brown sugar.

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