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Harbegona natural & washed

Harbegona natural & washed

Washed or Natural? How big is the difference in taste and which processing method do you prefer? Our friend Heleanna from the Habegona Washing Station removed the coffee bean from one half of the coffee before it was dried (washed), while the other half remained in the cherry to dry (natural). This is the perfect opportunity to directly compare the two methods!

  • Harbegona natural is reminiscent of blueberry, papaya and milk chocolate.
  • Harbegoa washed reminds of orange, jasmine & dark chocolate.
  • 100% Arabica, Limited Edition, Single Origin: Ethiopia
  • 2 x 250 g whole beans

With every cup you support our drinking water projects in Ethiopia. Learn more

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natural vs. washed

Ich mache meistens Aeropress 90 s und gemalen auf Stufe 9 mit der C4. Bei dem Brühverfahren kommt für mich washed klar führend raus - weicher, harmonischer. Natural wäre mein Favorite beim trekking im Gebirge für den Morgenkaffee -rauer, ehrlich und kantig.

Wie brüht ihr die beiden?

Robert 4 Nov 2022