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Jadae Coffee & Espresso

Jadae Coffee & Espresso

One of the first specialty coffees from Myanmar. Jadae coffee comes from the local Akha minority and is grown in natural forest gardens in the east of the country. For the farmers of the young cooperative, growing coffee means a secure perspective in their conflict-ridden homeland. 

Taste Caramel, Hazelnut
Sort 100 % Arabica, Limited Edition, Single Origin
Origin Myanmar

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Our first coffee from Myanmar: Jadae


The local Akha minority grows Jadae coffee in the highlands of Myanmar in natural forest gardens. After we started a project in 2019/2020 together with the Berlin-based company Conflictfood and the GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) to support coffee farmers and trade partners in Myanmar with the aim of promoting the cultivation and export of specialty coffee there, the project had to be terminated prematurely one year later due to the local political circumstances. Nevertheless, we were and are still in contact with the Akha coffee farmers and have managed to import a new harvest of green coffee to Germany despite all the adverse circumstances. We are very happy that this was successful and can now present you this wonderful coffee from Myanmar. The coffee is rather strongly roasted and tastes of dark chocolate, roasted hazelnuts and caramel.

Preparation tips

Jadae is suitable for all types of filter coffee. With the hand filter and also in the coffee machine, the coffee unfolds its wonderfully strong and intense flavour. The coffee is particularly suitable for those who like medium to dark roasts and the associated notes of dark chocolate, roasted hazelnuts and caramel. Jadae is good drunk black or with milk.

We roast your coffee every week

The Jadae is medium roasted to the point where the complex aroma of the coffee is in harmony with the lightly roasted notes. The gentle drum roasting process is done in 45 kg batches with a roasting time of 14 minutes and a final temperature of 208 °C. We have spent a long time fine-tuning the roasting profile of the coffee so that the beans are ideal for all types of coffee preparation .

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Kaffee rösten in der Rösterei

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  • Origin: Jadae Akha Coffee Group, Keng Tung, Shan State, Myanmar
  • Geo coordinates: N21° 17′ 0.228″ E99° 37′ 24.707″
  • Altitude: 1,200 m
  • Coffee farmers: 21
  • Processing: washed
  • Variety: Arabica mixed

Jadae coffee originates from the Jadae Akha Coffee Group. Located in Myanmar’s eastern Shan State, in Keng Tung, the cooperative is geographically isolated from the rest of the country. The location and political insecurity of neighboring regions makes it difficult for the minorities living there to trade.

The 21 farmers of the Jadae Akha Coffee Group belong to the local Akha minority.

For them, the cultivation of coffee and tea means economic independence and a secure future. The Akha people are conspicuous for their colorful clothing and opulent silver jewelry, which they wear with pride.

At an altitude of over 1,200 meters, the farmers of the Jadae Akha Coffee Group grow their coffees in shady forest gardens. Shan State has ideal conditions for growing high-quality coffee, tea and a range of herbs and spices for infusions, such as ginger. But competition in local markets for coffee is fierce, so most of the coffee is exported at low prices on the mass market.

Myanmar, the land of beautiful golden pagodas, is not necessarily known for specialty coffee, or coffee at all. In recent years, the country has been making negative headlines due to its political uncertainties and persecution of minorities.

Learn more about the project here

Our cooperation with the coffee farmers of Jadae Akha was initiated by GIZ. Originally, we wanted to carry out a larger project with GIZ to increase the local coffee value added, but due to the political circumstances on the ground, the project had to be terminated early. Nevertheless, we maintain our exchange with the Jadae Akha and continue to try to import the small but fine quantities of green coffee. Because the long-term support of the local smallholders is one of our sourcing principles.

1 € per kg of coffee goes to our projects

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Latest Reviews
Hervorragend in der French Press

Mir schmeckt dieser Kaffee in der French press hervorragend, frisch gemahlen.
Selbst als Kaltgetränk schmeckt er weich und aromatisch.

Kunde 19 Jul 2022
Als Kaffee gut, als Espresso sehr gut

Den Jadae habe ich erst mit dem V60 und Kalitta ausprobiert. Die Röstung ist relativ dunkel. Daher sind die Röstaromen für meinen Geschmack etwas zu dominant. Dann habe ich den Jadae mal durch den Siebträger laufen lassen und war begeistert. Es wundert mich, warum der Jadae nicht als Omniroast verkauft wird. Die Säure im Espresso war bei mir sehr fein und dafür musste ich nicht großartig herumtüfteln. Ich habe Nussaromen und florale Noten herausgeschmeckt. Als Espresso hat mich der Jadae mehr überzeugt als als Filter.

Fred 19 Jun 2022
Sehr guter Café

Der Café ist wirklich lecker, vergleichbar mit dem Limu. Preislich unterscheidet er sich deutlich, da muss jeder selbst entscheiden...

L 22 Apr 2022

Wer diesen Kaffee nicht probiert hat, hat was verpasst! Nicht sauer, nicht bitter, einfach intensiv mit wunderbar süßem, lang anhaltendem Nachgeschmack. Auch im Siebträger leicht zu verarbeiten.

Thomas 4 Jan 2021

Köstlicher Kaffee mit einer frischen Note!

Kunde 26 Dec 2020