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Kenissa Coffee

Kenissa Coffee

Kenissa is the name of our new coffee and the coffee cooperative we are working with as part of our Value Chain project. The new coffee is the result of the third harvest produced by this young cooperative. Kenissa coffee inspires us with its fine spicy aromas and a floral taste reminiscent of blossom honey and orange. 1 € per kg of coffee we invest in sustainable coffee cultivation - like in this project.

Taste Honey, Orange
Sort 100 % Arabica, Limited Edition, Single Origin
Origin Ethiopia

The best experience

For your cup of coffee, the roast and the right accessories are crucial.

The highlight in the coffee kitchen: The coffee grinder

A key factor for the successful preparation of coffee is the grind, which significantly affects the coffee taste. All grinders have been extensively tested by us.

Aromatic and complex - coffee brewed by hand

With each brewing method, you get a unique taste experience. Here are our favorite coffee brewers to help you get the full flavor from your coffee.

Kettles with temperature setting

The water temperature has a great influence on which and how many flavors are released from your coffee. Kettles with a gooseneck help you brew with precision.

With every cup you support our drinking water projects in Ethiopia. Learn more



Kenissa coffee is a spicy and at the same time fruity coffee that impresses with intense and complex aromas. The fruity notes are reminiscent of ripe citrus fruits such as orange and apricot. The coffee is underpinned by an elegant, spicy aroma. The Kenissa coffee is lightly roasted, so it is very balanced.

Preparation tips

The Kenissa coffee is suitable for all types of preparation of filter coffee. We recommend the coffee for preparation with the classic filter coffee machine, such as the Moccamaster, with the hand filter or the Chemex.

Kenissa Filterkaffee wird in eine Tasse gegossen.
Glasserver mit Kaffee auf Marmor.

We roast your coffee fresh every week

We roast the Kenissa fresh and particularly gently every week in our roastery in Berlin. In the process, our roast masters pay close attention to the moment at which the sweetness and aroma of the coffee unfold optimally. The roasting profile is individually composed by our roast masters depending on the nature of the coffees.

Hannes in der Rösterei
Thiririka und Kenissa Cold Brew in Glässern mit Eis.


The coffee from Kenissa is a matter of the heart for us. Kenissa is the name of a coffee cooperative that was founded only a few years ago. In the context of our value chain project we came across Kenissa and found out in interviews with the farmers that the establishment of a processing station for coffee cherries – a washing station – as well as an accompanying quality training can have a great impact on the local farmers and help them on their way out of poverty. By having its own washing station, the cooperative can achieve significantly higher prices for its coffee – and independently of us. When the project implementation started, Kenissa received a washing station and accompanying quality training through our funds. Already in the first year, the cooperative was able to significantly increase its income from coffee sales. Now in its third year of harvest, the quality is so good that we are pleased to offer you this coffee as a light single origin roast.


Ethiopia: Kenissa

  • Origin: Kenissa Washing Station, Goma, Jima Zone, Limu, Ethiopia
  • Geo-coordinates: 7°51’32.4 „N 36°23’02.3 „E
  • Altitude: 2,080 m
  • Coffee farmers: 280 cooperative members
  • Processing: eco-pulped, washed
  • Plant: Ethiopian local landraces, Arabica

Quality trainings for more than 10.000 farmers

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Latest Reviews
Perfekt ausbalanciert

Eigentlich probiere ich viel zu gerne neue Sorten aus als dass ich bei einer bleiben könnte...aber der Kenissa ist einfach genial. Ich hatte anfangs noch meine Schwierigkeiten, aber dann habe ich das perfekte Rezept gefunden. Fein gemahlen, 16:255, 3 min Durchlaufzeit im V60 mit 96°C heißem Wasser. Die Säure und Süße des Kaffees stehen für mich in einer perfekten Harmonie zueinander :)

Manu 7 Feb 2022
Spitzenkaffee für Kenner

Dies ist ein absoluter Spitzenkaffee, dessen Potential am besten mit der Chemex Filterung zur Geltung kommt. Zu schade, wenn dieser in unerfahrene Kaffeehände kommt.

Frank 28 Jan 2022
Schmeckt nicht nach Kaffee

Ok, vielleicht bin ich zu wenig Kaffeekennerin - aber: dieser Kaffee schmeckt mir gar nicht. Er ist säuerlich, ja, orangig, schmeckt aber nicht nach Kaffee. Das ist vielleicht ein Genießer-Produkt für Kaffeekenner:innen für besondere Anlässe, aber definitiv kein täglicher Kaffee.

Franziska 23 Dec 2021

Absolut grandioser Filterkaffee, den ich allen Kaffeeliebhabern empfehlen kann, die ihren Filterkaffee gerne schwarz oder nur mit wenig Milch trinken. Der Orangengeschmack kommt in unserer Moccamaster besonders zum Vorschein.

Victor 21 Oct 2021