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Stephan Kantongole Coffee

Stephan Kantongole Coffee

Robusta for filter coffee doesn't exist? Yes, there is!

With our "Stephan Katongole" we present a real rarity: not only our first Robusta as filter coffee, but one of the few Robustas that are available on the market at all for filter coffee.

Do you like to discover new things, are you curious, and are you particularly fond of coffee that tastes of dark chocolate and nuts? Then you are right with the "Stephan Kantongole". The honey-processed Robusta from Uganda unfolds its delicate cocoa notes with a splash of milk and is also ideal as an espresso and for fully automatic machines.

Taste Dark Honey, Dried Apricots
Sort 100 % Canephora, Limited Edition, Single Origin
Origin Uganda

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Rarity: 100 % Fine Robusta as filter coffee

Low acidity meets sweet taste

Stephan Katongole is a dedicated coffee enthusiast who moved to Uganda from Germany a few years ago to continue his grandparents‘ coffee farm. Over the years, Stephan has done quite a bit to improve the quality of his Robusta coffee. Stephan has taken many of his ideas and methods from processing Arabica coffee and then applied them to his Robusta. A few years ago, we received samples from Stephan for the first time and were immediately impressed with the quality. As a result, we have already used the washed Robusta as a component in our Tiga Terra coffee in the past.

Over the years, one particular sample has always pleased us the most: Stephan’s honey processed Robusta. This coffee still brings complexity that is not easy to find: the coffee tastes very smooth and brings sweet aromas of dark honey, malt and dried fruits such as apricot. Now we are happy to finally present you this coffee.

Preparation Tips

Stephan Katongole is suitable for all types of preparation due to its low acidity. Especially as espresso, in the stovetop pot or prepared with the fully automatic machine, the soft, yet strong coffee comes into its own. The crema of 100% Robusta coffee is wonderfully rich and strong. Without milk, the coffee tastes mostly of dark chocolate and roasted malt. Light nuances of dark honey and dried apricot are also perceptible.

Prepared as a filter coffee, the coffee tastes unusually low in acidity. This makes it exceptional as a filter coffee – especially if you are not yet familiar with 100% Robusta coffees. If you add a little milk, the coffee’s taste is strongly reminiscent of dark cocoa and dark chocolate. A little sugar also goes well with this coffee, as it balances out the slightly higher bitterness of the Robusta coffee.


Stephan Katongole coffee is roasted medium strength, so it is very balanced and ideal for different types of preparation. We roast the coffee fresh every week in our roastery in Berlin. In the process, our master roasters pay close attention to the moment when the coffee’s sweetness and aroma develop optimally. The roasting profile is individually composed by our roast masters depending on the nature of the coffees.

Röstmeister Hannes bei der Arbeit

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Uganda: Stephan Katongole

  • Origin: Stephan Katongole, Sembabule, Uganda
  • Geo coordinates: 0°01’13.5″N 31°24’52.7″E
  • Altitude: 1.250 m
  • Coffee farmer: Stephan Katongole
  • Variety: 100 % Coffea Canephora (Robusta)
  • Processing: honey

Low availability due to special processing

Stephan Katongole has his farm in the Sembabule region of Uganda. Here he cultivates the two old Coffea Canephora varieties Nganda and Erecta. The plants grow here at up to 1,250 m above sea level, which is very high for Canephora and already lays a foundation for the extraordinary quality. It is also important that Stephan and his team only pick the red cherries during the harvest, as these ensure better qualitative results.

Stephan attaches great importance to careful preparation of the cherries. After picking, the ripe, red beans are separated from the pulp. Then the remaining pulp („mucilage“) is placed on elevated drying beds („drying beds“) for about 14 days. During this time, the mucilage ferments and it looks like there is some honey on the beans. Therefore, this type of processing is also called „honey processing“. In the meantime, the beans are turned over and over again. The defective beans are sorted out. After 14 days, the beans have the optimum residual moisture and can now be packed in jute bags for export. Since this type of processing is laborious and can only be carried out under certain weather conditions, the yield during a harvest cycle is relatively small. Therefore, for the time being, we can only offer you about 700 kg of this coffee.

Stephan's passionate work and honey processing give this coffee its "Fine Robusta" status.

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Latest Reviews
Es gibt einen Grund, weshalb es keinen Robusta für Fitlerkaffee gibt…

Es war ein Experiment und es ging in die Hose. Ich hätte allerdings nicht erwartet, dass Coffee Circle diesen Kaffee überhaupt ins Sortiment nimmt. Da bin ich schon etwas enttäuscht, was Qualitätssicherung angeht.
Riecht wie aufgebrühter Aschenbecher und schmeckt nach Pappe. Ja, ich trinke meinen Kaffee ohne Milch. Aber wer gerne warme Milch mit Honig trinkt, findet hier auch keine Aufwertung. Leider für die Tonne, das Leben ist zu kurz für schlechten Kaffee.

Johannes 29 Jul 2022
Wirklich ein Allrounder

Es ist wirklich ein sehr toller Kaffee,ich habe ihn in der French Press, im V60 und im Vollautomaten zubereitet. Er war überall wirklich sehr gut, aber am besten hat er mir im Vollautomaten gefallen (mit und ohne Milch).

Dane Heins 15 Jun 2022