Yirga Santos im neuen Design

The new Coffee Circle

Martin Elwert

A contribution from Martin Elwert in the category #News from 26 October 2020

Hi, since today Coffee Circle looks different. After almost 10 years it was time for a change. During the last year we have been working intensely on ourselves and finding answers on who we are and what we want to stand for. Join us, here we share our journey with you.

Improving lives by delivering outstanding coffee.

We are a coffee roasting company. For 10 years, we set new standards for fair trade and high quality coffee. We are constantly searching for exceptional coffees, even if it means to explore remote areas of the world. We foster direct trade relationships with our partners and pay high prices for high quality coffee. We roast our coffees in Berlin. 1 € per kg we invest in coffee communities around the world to improve the lives of farmers and their families.

For many, we open the door to a new world of coffee. On our website and in our Cafés, we guide you to your perfect cup of coffee – from sustainable and delicious beans, curated coffee equipment to brewing guides and authentic stories about your favorite drink.

Das neue Coffee Circle Logo

The Drip – Our new logo

The circle of our logo stands for everything we embody with Coffee Circle. The eternal circle symbolizes the connection and togetherness we want to create from the origin of our coffees to your home.

We call this logo „The Drip“. It stands for all the steps your coffee goes through until it reaches you. It stands for the entire coffee value chain, which we combine with Coffee Circle.


What do you see in The Drip?

We see the drop of freshly brewed coffee falling into your cup. Or the drop of clear water that we make possible for more than 37,000 people in Ethiopia together. What do you discover?

logo, the dripa

Driven by the vision to rethink the value chain of coffee – from its origin to your freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Martin und Hannes zeigen die Rösterei

Our color world

Our colors are derived from what defines us: the coffee plant. The dark green of the plant represents our adventures through the thicket of the coffee world. The light color of the coffee fruit, the bright orange-red, our beacon. It guides us and you through our journey.

Reife Kaffeekirschen

The green and red of the coffee cherry

Our coffees & packaging

We have so many ideas. Some exciting coffees are already waiting for you until the end of the year – you will meet well-known varieties again and discover new extraordinary ones. Next year, packaging will play a major role for us. We have not yet found a 100 % sustainable way of storing our coffees that optimally preserves the coffee aroma. We will also be setting up new possibilities that will make it easier and more flexible for us to plan and produce our coffees. Be curious, we will keep you up to date.


We don’t throw away any label with the old logo, but only start using the new label once we used all the old ones. Therefore it will happen until the end of 2021 that you will receive orders with different labels.

Try our coffees

Rungeto Coffee 250 g / ganze Bohne
Rungeto Coffee
Lively | Currant, Rhubarb
Roast Degree
Karibu Coffee 250 g / Whole Beans
Karibu Coffee
Complex | Chocolate, Cinnamon
Roast Degree
Espresso Sidamo 250 g / ganze Bohne
Espresso Sidamo
Lively | Caramel, Dark Berries
Roast Degree
Martin Elwert

Martin Elwert

Martin ist seit 2010 Gründer und Geschäftsführer von Coffee Circle. Martin treibt die Vision des Unternehmens voran und ist für die Umsetzung unserer Projekte in den Anbauländern verantwortlich.