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Super price-performance ratio, easy to use and highest quality: These are the criteria for all espresso machines in our range. Are you looking for an entry-level espresso machine, a machine for an ambitious hobby barista or a professional machine? We have the right machine for every situation and the best espresso beans. ✓ Selected from coffee roasters for coffee lovers & baristas ✓ Free shipping in 1 day from 39 €

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A really good espresso, cappuccino or flat white is one of the most special moments in our everyday lives. With the purchase of an espresso machine, you can treat yourself to your favorite drink at home at any time and have an enormous influence on the end result with the preparation. Sometimes the choice is difficult.

Which espresso machine is the right one?

We only offer high-quality machines that really convince us. Are you a beginner, hobby barista or professional? We offer an espresso machine for everyone that meets their own requirements. The frequency of use also plays a role, as well as whether you want to prepare milk drinks or not.

Espresso durchlaufen lassen

In a nutshell: Differences between single-circuit, dual-circuit and dualboilers

12 Espresso machines in test

Here you can find the results and find out who our test winners are for beginners, advanced and professionals!

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Espresso preparation with the espresso machine

The rule here is: practice makes perfect! But the espresso preparation with the sieve carrier can be a lot of fun and offers you the opportunity to try out. There are a few things to consider, such as grind, dosage and the correct operation.

  1. Our recommendation for a double espresso: Choose a fine grind and grind 16 to 18 g of espresso fresh into the sieve carrier. The rule is: If the grind is too coarse, your espresso will tend to be sour. If the grind is too fine, your espresso will be too bitter.
  2. Sweep over the edge of the sieve holder for a straight surface. Now apply even pressure to the sieve carrier support with the tamper. The force is less important than that you tamp straight and evenly.
  3. Before you insert the sieve, the brewing head should be rinsed. Clamp the sieve carrier and let the espresso run through in 30 seconds, so that approx. 40 ml of espresso ends up in your cup. If it goes through too fast or too slow, you should adjust the grind.

Online Order & Warranty

With your order, the machine of your choice will be delivered directly to your home, saving you travel, hauling and time. Shipping is free of charge. Even after your purchase, we will give you care tips and answer all your questions.

Shipping is done via DPD or UPS and takes 5 to 9 business days. Basically, there is a two-year warranty from the first date of sale. During these two years you have the possibility to return the goods if the item does not work properly or is even defective due to a manufacturing defect.

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