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The process of brewing espresso is true craftsmanship. A good tamper is essential. Here you will find our price-performance favourites, high-quality accessories for Latte Art as well as precision scales and much more to delight every espresso fan with great coffee. ✓ Selected from coffee roasters for coffee lovers & baristas ✓ Free shipping in 1 day from 39 €

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To progress from hobby barista to professional, you need a lot of practice, a large portion of patience and, of course, the right espresso equipment. The right equipment helps you to constantly improve and to continuously pull good espresso shots. We show you which products are available and what they are used for.

Overview of espresso accessories


In addition to the right beans, the ideal water quality and an espresso grinder, the tamper is an indispensable factor in espresso preparation. A tamper is used to evenly press the espresso grounds firmly into the portafilter and create a smooth surface. A tamping mat is ideal for placing the portafilter on while tamping and protecting your kitchen counter from unwanted scratches and pressure points. They give the espresso machine support and the right resistance when tamping. Depending on the work surface, there are mats with or without an edge, for even better grip on the kitchen counter.

Yirga Santos Espresso mahlen mit der Eureka Mignon Mühle

Milk pitchers

In addition to espresso, a first-class cappuccino requires finely frothed milk. Foaming milk is a discipline in itself, the correct technique must be learned and trained before you can conjure up latte art creations with milk foam on your espresso. Milk pitchers have a nozzle with a slightly concave spout. This facilitates pouring and ensures a straight and even milk stream.

Espresso scale

With a coffee scale (also a precision scale), you can measure the brewing time as well as the weight. Stopping the brewing or contact time can have a decisive influence on the taste of the coffee, because at a certain point during the brewing process, bitter substances are released from the coffee. It is not without reason that espresso scales are used in many high-class cafés and espresso bars.

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Regular cleaning with espresso machine accessories is essential for a long life of your espresso machine. In our online store you will find the necessary utensils to clean your machine properly. Not only the cleaning of the machine is important. Cleaning cloths and knock-off boxes help you to remove espresso residues and coffee oils that are in the sieve and make the espresso undrinkable in the long run.

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Barista sets

For professional baristas and all those who want to become one, we have put together a total of four different barista sets with espresso machine accessories. From basic to complete, there is something for every requirement. Order online now and soon surprise your friends with your new espresso skills.

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