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Outstanding, aromatic coffee can be prepared in many different ways. We have put together a selection of coffee makers with which you can extract the full aroma from your coffee. ✓ Selected from coffee roasters for coffee lovers & baristas ✓ Free shipping in 1 day from 39 €

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Not all filter coffee is the same. Each brewing method gives coffee a unique taste. While the Chemex is known for a clear and fruity coffee, the French Press stands for the typical strong coffee taste. In our online store we offer you a wide range of coffee makers for every taste.

The coffee makers at a glance

Coffee maker by Hario

Hario is a Japanese company and stands for high-quality coffee accessories. In addition to hand filters, kettles and cold brew makers, the range also includes coffee grinders and scales for coffee preparation. The cone-shaped Hario V60 hand filter is considered an icon among coffee filters. Thanks to its functional design and the exceptionally good coffee that can be brewed with it, it has conquered the hearts of coffee fans. It is suitable for making aromatic and balanced filter coffee and replaces the filter coffee maker in the home.


Also from Japan comes the family company Kalita. They manufacture coffee accessories that meet the highest quality standards. With its individual and charming Kalita design, the company has conquered a firm place in the coffee scene. The Kalita Wave Dripper is available in sizes 155 and 185 and in stainless steel, ceramic and copper.

AeroPress by Aerobie

The AeroPress combines the best features of different brewing methods into one innovative brewer. The coffee is first prepared using the full immersion principle and then pressed through a paper filter. During this process, sediments and oils are retained so that the coffee tastes clear and nuanced. All parameters of the coffee preparation, such as grind, coffee quantity, brewing temperature, brewing time and brewing method (classic or inverse) are in your own hands and you can discover new taste profiles and try them out. Did you know that there are now even world championships in coffee brewing with the AeroPress?

The Chemex

Design and functionality are combined in an elegant and practical coffee maker. The special thing is the result in the cup: a filter coffee of incomparable clarity. The reason for this are the coffee filters specially developed by Chemex. The paper used is 20-30% thicker than conventional filters. This means that significantly more minute particles and oils are retained during brewing. Ideal for coffee drinkers who prefer a fine and particularly aromatic filter coffee.


The classic from Bialetti prepares an aromatic and strong coffee. The coffee maker was first invented in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti. Today, the pot with charm has become established in almost 90% of all Italian households. With the stove-top pot you can make a strong moka, for which you can use all our espresso varieties.

Walküre porcelain factory

The Karlovy Vary and Bayreuth jugs are true classics with history from Walküre porcelain factory. They have been handmade for over 100 years and are of first-class workmanship. Thanks to the double porcelain sieve, the pots do not require a paper filter at all. Coffee lovers appreciate the unadulterated coffee taste with lots of body and intense notes, as well as the timeless and lovingly crafted design.


With their Cold Brew coffee makers, the Hamburg guys from Dripster have made the world of Cold Brew accessible to anyone who wants to try this form of coffee preparation. The brewers are compact, well-made and, compared to similar brewers, really affordable. In the new Dripster² 2-in-1 Cold Brew Coffee Dripper, the preparation methods Full Immersion and Cold Drip have been combined. For fans of Cold Brew perfectly suitable!


Those who attach great importance to elegant and simple designs will surely find what they are looking for at Kinto. All products of the Japanese company impress with functionality paired with simple shapes and pleasant color combinations. You are looking for stylish coffee cups? You can buy the beautiful cups from Kinto online.

St. Anthony

The company St. Anthony is known for combining an elegant and minimalist design with maximum functionality in its products. This is also the case with the Phoenix70 filter holder. The coffee filter is inserted into the filter holder and placed on a vessel. The clue: by using a more pointed filter than ordinary filters, a larger brewing column is created when brewing coffee. This helps release more flavors from the coffee and improve the flavor variety in your cup.

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