Aerobie AeroPress coffee maker incl. 100 filters

Thanks to its innovative construction, this coffee maker extracts all the flavour from your coffee. Perfect for a cup of highly aromatic filter coffee.

  • Extracts the maximum aroma from the coffee
  • Simple handling - ideal for travelling
  • 100 paper filters included
€32.90 €34.90

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Recommended by roast master Hannes:

Limu Coffee! with tastes of Dark Chocolate and Grape.

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Easy coffee preparation with the AeroPress

5 reasons for choosing AeroPress

The AeroPress combines the best features of different brewing methods to create a completely new brewer.

How does coffee from the AeroPress taste?

Full-bodied! Thanks to the paper filter, sediments and oils are retained so that the coffee tastes clear and nuanced. At the same time, a small amount of coffee flows through small openings at the bottom of the AeroPress, unfiltered on the side. This gives the coffee its voluminous body and increases its intensity.
We recommend using a rather fine grind for the preparation of the coffee, as this allows aroma substances to be dissolved quickly and hardly any bitter substances are carried over into the coffee.

Which coffee roast should I use?

To use AeroPress you can use both filter and espresso roasts. If you prefer more fruity and nuanced coffees, we recommend a light filter roast (e.g. Rungeto coffee). If you are more of a fan of strong coffees, you should use an espresso roast (e.g. Sidamo Espresso).
Ultimately, however, it’s your personal taste that counts, because with the AeroPress you can tailor the brewing recipes to your own preferences.


Brewing instructions for the AeroPress ›


AeroPress – a playground for coffee enthusiasts

With the AeroPress you have all the parameters of coffee preparation in your own hands. You can determine the grind, coffee quantity, brewing temperature, brewing time and brewing method (classic or inverse) yourself and discover and try out new taste profiles. Thanks to the many possibilities, there are now even world championships in coffee brewing with the AeroPress.

The AeroPress as travel companion ›

Scope of delivery

  • AeroPress incl. 100 paper filters
  • Coffee spoons with fill quantity markings (8 g and 10 g)
  • Stick for stirring

Technical details

  • Material: plastic, rubber
  • Care: dishwasher safe
  • Manufacturer: Aerobie
  • EAN Code/UPC Code: 0085276000855
  • ASIN number: B000GXZ2GS

In the video Hannes shows you how easy it is to make coffee while travelling with the AeroPress

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