Sidamo aus dem Bialetti Espressokocher

Preparing coffee with the moka pot


At a glance

  • Amount of coffee
    Fill sieve completely
  • Grind
    Fine - Medium
  • Amount of water
    Up to below the valve
  • Temperature
    Medium - High
  • Brewing time
    - min

What you need:

With the moka pot you celebrate coffee preparation the Italian way. Depending on your preference, you can prepare both coffee beans and espresso beans in the moka pot.

There are a few typical sources of mistakes during preparation that can quickly burn your coffee or make it taste bitter. We show you how to avoid this – and instead prepare a full-bodied, aromatic mocha. Pay attention to the right grind and to taking the moka pot off the stove in time to prevent the pot from getting too hot.

Preheat water

1Preheat the water. This step may seem unnecessary at first, but it is crucial for the taste. The reason: If you place the pot directly on the stove, the metal - from which the pot is made - heats up too much. A bitter coffee with a metallic aftertaste would be the result.

Grind your coffee

2Grind your coffee! Make sure to grind the coffee for the moka pot a little coarser than for the espresso machine. The ideal grinding degree is between that for fine espresso and that for hand filters. Use enough ground coffee to fill the entire filter.

Pour in preheated water

3Fill the preheated water into the water pot to just below the valve.

Insert filter, fill in ground coffee and close jug

4Insert the filter and fill it completely with coffee. Take care not to press the ground coffee - and do not use an espresso tamper when preparing it with the moka pot.

Making coffee

5Set the stove to medium to high heat. Too high temperatures burn the coffee and lead to a bitter aftertaste. Stay at the stove, because your coffee is ready to drink after only a few minutes.

Observe and listen to the moka pot

6Triggered by the water rising to the top, a fizzing sound is produced as soon as the coffee becomes visible. Take the pot directly from the stove as soon as the coffee continuously runs into the upper part. The residual heat will push all the water upwards - and in this way you avoid the burning coffee.

7Pour the mocha into an espresso cup. Tip: Preheat your espresso cup with the remaining hot water. This will keep your espresso warm longer.

Everything you need

Bialetti Moka & Espresso set ganze Bohne / Espresso Yirga Santos
Bialetti Moka & Espresso set
ganze Bohne / Espresso Yirga Santos
Bialetti Venus & Espresso set ganze Bohne / Espresso Sidamo
Bialetti Venus & Espresso set
ganze Bohne / Espresso Sidamo
Bialetti Moka Express - Espresso Maker
Bialetti Moka Express - Espresso Maker
Porlex II Hand Coffee Grinder Mini
Porlex II Hand Coffee Grinder

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