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They do exist - the filter coffee machines that make filter coffee that tastes as if brewed by hand. Technically sophisticated and of the highest quality, these machines will brew aromatic coffee for you. ✓ Selected from coffee roasters for coffee lovers & baristas ✓ Free shipping in 1 day from 39 €

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For some people, filter coffee is the best, even the only way to start the day. With the most classic of all brewing methods, you prepare an aromatic filter coffee. The brewing process is very simple, but only a few coffee machines manage to prepare filter coffee that tastes like it was brewed by hand. Its great advantage over other brewing methods is the quick and uncomplicated preparation of large quantities of coffee. A coffee maker also makes good ecological sense, because apart from a paper filter and the coffee grounds, there is no other waste.

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How to find the right coffee maker for you

Electric coffee makers generally all work according to the same principle: fill the filter with ground coffee, pour water into the tank and switch on. Additional features, such as drip stop, timer and so on, should always be selected according to your own wishes and requirements.


We are big advocates of manual brewing methods, because here you have all the important factors of preparation, such as water temperature and brewing speed, in your own hands. That’s why we only sell machines that have convinced us with their quality in coffee taste.

Tips, tricks and step-by-step preparation of filter coffee you can find here.

Brewing method

More interesting to us than the performance of a machine is the technology of the brewing process, because this is decisive for the subsequent taste of the filter coffee. In order not to burn the ground coffee during the brewing process, the water should not be boiling hot when it hits the ground coffee, but with a constant temperature of about 96 °C. Filter coffee machines such as the Wilfa Classic CMC-100S and the Moccamaster are equipped with a flow heater that closely follows this rule for good coffee. The machines drizzle the hot water onto the coffee grounds in spurts via a spray head. This enables gentle and even extraction.

Moccamaster mit Glaskanne und Thermoskanne

Keep warm

A particularly appreciated feature of filter coffee machines, is the keep warm function. Coffee makers with glass jugs are usually equipped with a warming plate that keeps the coffee warm for a certain time. It is important to ensure that this plate does not exceed a maximum temperature of 85 °C, otherwise the coffee will lose its flavor. Machines with thermos jugs do not rely on a hot plate. The coffee drips from the filter holder directly into the jug and remains warm there for several hours. This preserves the aroma and ensures that hot coffee is always ready to drink over a longer period of time.


The quality of the workmanship of a machine says a lot about its durability. Machines made of stainless steel are usually better made and more robust than machines made of plastic. The Moccamaster is handmade in the Netherlands – the manufacturer even offers a 5-year warranty on top. Removable parts facilitate cleaning and thus ensure even longer durability and usability.

Some coffee machines have additional, sometimes very useful functions. To help you find the right machine for you, here is an overview of the various extras:


Fresh filter coffee can be prepared in many ways. A filter coffee machine can save you a lot of work. If good coffee is important to you, it shouldn’t be just any coffee maker, but the right one. Here you will only find machines that we have tested and found to be good. Now you just have to decide on a design or certain additional features. Then order conveniently online and soon enjoy good filter coffee at home. Are you still missing the right coffee beans for your new coffee machine? In our online store you will not only find the right beans, but also coffee grinders for every budget, so that nothing stands in the way of maximum coffee enjoyment.

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Recipe suggestion

For filter coffee from the filter coffee machine you need:

  • 1 l water
  • 1 suitable filter
  • 65 g of coffee (medium grind)

Fill the water tank with 1 l of water and place a paper filter in the filter holder. To prevent paper items and other foreign matter from entering the coffee, rinse the paper filter with water. Fill the coffee grounds into the filter and start the machine.

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