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Coffee Circle is the exclusive distributor of the coffee lover brands Chemex (USA)Porlex (Japan) and Fellow (USA) in Europe. This partnership allows us to distribute the products to retailers and to offer you as a reseller special dealer conditions.

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Chemex products

Chemex is an American manufacturer of glass carafes, matching paper filters, and other accessories. The Chemex carafe is popular as a filter coffee maker and is high in demand.

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The extraordinary design of the Chemex has won many awards and, thanks to its conical filter shape, the carafe has earned a permanent place as one of the Top 100 Modern Design Products in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The Chemex is a true design classic. It delights filter coffee fans and design lovers alike.

Gieße heißes Wasser in den Chemex ein.


The Chemex casseroles come in different sizes and each with both a wooden handle and a glass handle. The carafe is made in one piece from heat-resistant borosilicate glass and does not take on any foreign aromas. Of course, Chemex owners by no means have to limit themselves to brewing filter coffee, the glass carafe is also suitable for other (hot) drinks.

Die verschiedenen Filter der Chemex


An important part of the equipment is the paper used for the filters, which is 20-30% thicker and finer-pored than conventional filter paper. This means that significantly more oils and minute particles are retained during the brewing process, resulting in clear, aromatic filter coffee. Additional accessories, such as milk and sugar sets or glass lids, are also available.

Kaffeezubereitung in Perfektion


German chemist Dr. Peter J. Schlumbohm invented the Chemex in 1941 out of love for coffee. He designed it using his experience in filtration techniques and extraction processes. For example, the channel in the neck of the pot allows water vapor from the already filtered coffee to escape from the belly of the Chemex past the filter.

Limu Filterkaffee gemahlen in der Porlex Mühle

Porlex hand mills

Porlex is a Japanese manufacturer of high-quality coffee and spice grinders. The mills inspire with a precise grinder allowing more than 15 different grinds.

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Porlex at its best


The high-quality workmanship and simple design of Porlex make the hand grinders for filter coffee and espresso very popular in coffee circles. The handle holder is oval-square, which makes it very stable and little worn in use. The housing is made of stainless steel with a precise ceramic grinder.

Porlex mini und Porlex Tall

Coffee quantity

The bean hopper of the Porlex Mini holds approx. 20g of coffee beans and the collection container holds around 30g of ground coffee – the equivalent of approx. 2 cups of filter coffee. For coffee enjoyment on the go, the Porlex Mini fits snugly into the top of the AeroPress without the handle. The bean hopper of the Porlex Tall holds approximately 30g of beans and the collection container holds approximately 40g of ground coffee.

Porlex mini und Porlex Tall


The Porlex mill works with a high-quality, conical ceramic grinder. The manufacturing material ceramic is excellently suited for grinders, as it is extremely sharp, enormously wear-resistant and also tasteless. It works pleasantly quietly and remains cool during grinding. The spring mechanism ensures a very homogeneous consistency of the ground product.

Die Porlex Mini und Porlex Tall


The Porlex Mini measures 13.5 cm in height and has a rubber attachment that prevents slipping during grinding. The Porlex Tall comes without the rubber, measures 19 cm in height and has a larger capacity. The diameter of the grinders is 4.6 cm. The handles are removable and provide space-saving storage.

Fellow Products

The San Francisco-based company Fellow inspires with its stylish coffee accessories, such as kettles and coffee grinders. The accessories are characterized not only by their simple, elegant design, but also by numerous, individual functions.

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Weihnachten Kaffee und Kuchen


With their simple design in matte colors, the Fellow products impress not only with their functionality and quality, but especially with their aesthetics. The narrow gooseneck of the kettle, as well as the handle with integrated counterweight ensure a constant pouring speed and quantity.

Weihnachten Kaffee und Kuchen


The chic, modern design in matte black, as well as the compact size make the coffee grinder externally already something special. With a stainless steel grinder with 31 grind settings, the mill also delivers a flawless grinding result.


In addition to its design, the electronic kettle convinces with a variety of features. Through the LDC screen and the associated rotary knob, real-time and set temperature can be determined in Celsius and Fahrenheit. The integrated keep-warm mode can keep the desired temperature unchanged for up to 60 minutes.

Kaffee Zubereitung mit dem Fellow Stagg X Pour Over Dripper.


The Fellow Stagg Pour Over Dripper promises a special brewing experience. Its double-walled stainless steel housing allows the temperature to be kept constantly high during the brewing process.The narrow cone increases coffee to water contact and enhances extraction by allowing the liquid to flow through evenly.

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