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Precision scales, servers and much more

Good coffee accessories not only make coffee preparation easier, but above all ensure consistent and aromatic results. Here you will find precision scales with built-in timer, thermometers, serving jugs and much more to complete your coffee kitchen.

Good coffee accessories not only make coffee preparation easier, but above all ensure consistent and aromatic results. Here you will find precision scales with built-in timer, thermometers,...read more  »

Everything for the coffee kitchen!

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine our everyday life without coffee. Whether at home, in the office or in the café, different coffee makers can be found everywhere. They appear in different shapes, colors, materials and of course price ranges. With so much to choose from, it’s sometimes not easy to find the right coffee maker, so here’s a quick run-down of our favorite coffee makers and coffee accessories.

Overview of coffee accessories

  • Kettle with temperature setting
  • Coffee scales with stopwatch
  • High quality coffee grinders
  • Various paper filters
  • Milk pitchers and tamper
  • Cleaning products for grinders and machines
Wasser aus der Hario Buono

What is the difference between Pour Over and Full Immersion?

If you’re not deeper into the coffee scene, you probably haven’t heard these terms before. They are simply two different ways of preparing coffee.

The pour over preparation is done with a hand filter. Here, a coffee filter is used to brew coffee, which is filled with coffee grounds and then poured over with hot water. The coffee that drips out is collected in a container. This method is also found in the filter coffee machine.

The concept of full immersion works without a filter and can be found, for example, in the French Press. Here, coffee grounds and water are mixed in a container and separated from each other after a certain brewing time by means of a sieve press.

The various coffee makers

The hand filter

Coffee preparation with the hand filter is based on the pour over principle and is timeless, simple and fast. With the right technique, you get a great result and the coffee surprises with clear, strong flavors. Hand filters come in a variety of materials, including porcelain and glass. The preparation is easy to understand and different amounts of coffee can be brewed.

Filterkaffee mit dem Handfilter von Hario zubereiten

The Chemex

The Chemex carafes are experiencing a wonderful renaissance in the coffee scene. The coffee carafe was developed by Peter Schlumbohm in 1939 and can now even be found in New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Coffee prepared in the Chemex carafe is characterized by a clear coffee aroma. The preparation takes place according to the Pour Over principle.


The French Press

For many decades, the French Press has been one of the most popular ways to prepare coffee. The pot is easy to use, quick to clean and does not require a paper filter.

The French Press is one of the full immersion coffee makers: here, the ground coffee is in contact with the water throughout before it is later separated by a filter. The coffee is characterized by its body, since the metal sieve does not filter out the fats and oils contained in the coffee during preparation, unlike a paper filter. Thus, the coffee has more fullness in taste.

Auch für mehrere Tassen sehr gut geeignet

The Aero Press

The American company Aerobie actually manufactures professional Frisbee discs. In 2006, the company introduced the AeroPress coffee maker to the coffee market, which quickly became a success. Essentially, there are two brewing methods with the AeroPress: The classic and the inverted (inverted) method. The classic method is also described in the official AeroPress manual. As you can read there, you rinse the paper filter and place the brewing cylinder on the cup, pour in the powder and pour on the water. After a short time, the coffee is then pressed down with the press plunger.

Der Beriti Kaffee

Cold Brew

Cold Brew, along with iced coffee (also Ice Brew), is a refreshing coffee preparation method for the hot days. Cold Brew is prepared with cold water and an extraction time of at least ten hours. The result contains about 70% less acids and bitter substances than coffee brewed with hot water.

Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Maker

Preparation tips explained step by step

No matter what coffee maker you use, your coffee should always taste great! (If it doesn’t, it’s probably the coffee.) We’ll give you tips for all the common brewing methods like: Hand filter, French press, stovetop pot, espresso machine, AeroPress, Chemex or Bayreuth or Karlsbad pot. Among other things, we will go into the proportions, brewing time and the appropriate grind.

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In the video we reveal 5 tips for better coffee!

Coffee grinders and their purpose

A coffee grinder should be present in every kitchen, because freshly ground coffee simply tastes better. In addition, each preparation method requires a certain grind of coffee beans. You can remember: If your coffee tastes sour or watery, your grind is probably too coarse. If your coffee tastes too strong and bitter, the grind may be too fine.

Acaia Lunar Kaffeewaage

Coffee scales and what to use them for

Unlike common kitchen scales, coffee scales have a higher accuracy, sometimes down to a tenth of a gram. They are also equipped with a stopwatch, so you can easily measure weight and brewing time. Digital precision scales with Bluetooth features are best suited for coffee fans with the highest demands. They can be connected to a smartphone app to control and monitor the brewing process.

Fein geschwungener Hals (

Kettles and water boilers

Kettles and water boilers with a finely curved neck („gooseneck spout“) facilitate the precise brewing of coffee and help to measure the amount of water. Kettles with temperature adjustment allow water to be heated to a desired temperature. For brewing coffee, we always recommend a water temperature between 92 – 96 °C, because boiling water burns the coffee and makes it taste bitter.

Kaffeeklatsch bei Coffee Circle

The paper filters

Paper filters should always be made of tasteless filter paper so as not to affect the aromas of the coffee. We offer paper filters in different sizes for the hand filter, the Aero Press and the Chemex. A tip for preparation: Rinse your filter once with (hot) water before use to rinse out any remaining paper particles.

Moccamaster mit Glaskanne und Thermoskanne

Filter coffee machines

Filter coffee machines work like a hand filter according to the „pour over“ principle and take the work off your hands not only at home, but also in the office. With a filter coffee machine, larger quantities of filter coffee can be prepared quickly and easily. The Moccamaster is one of our favorite filter coffee machines, because the filter coffee tastes like it was brewed by hand and the design is classic and timeless.