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At Coffee Circle, we make sure that you find a coffee that suits you perfectly. We create a value chain that benefits everyone involved – from cultivation and roasting to your cup of coffee and back to the source. Together with you, we improve the lives of coffee farmers and their families. Because we invest €1 per kilogram of coffee in clean drinking water, education or training for farmers in the coffee regions.

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We enjoy working with others who appreciate specialty coffee as much as we do. We have been cultivating good relationships with cafés, restaurants and offices since 2010. We ship freshly roasted and reach you reliably!

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For merchants

You are looking for products from Chemex, Porlex oder Fellow?

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For offices

Are you looking for coffee for your office to enrich your working day?

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For gastronomy

Are you looking for coffee or accessories for your café, restaurant or hotel?

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Coffee Circle Café Wedding

This is us:

We are the all-round coffee experts for companies of all sizes. To order from us as a partner, please fill out the form below. We will then be happy to send you our terms and conditions and set up your customer account. We will also help you select the products for your range.

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Tel: +49 30 220 139 882

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Individual requests

Would you like an individual partnership with Coffee Circle or do you have other wishes? Then send an email to and we will help you to customize your coffee wishes to your taste. Our experienced team of coffee experts is ready to respond to your specific requests and offer you personalized advice. We look forward to working with you to create the perfect coffee moment.

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Any questions?

What kind of products do you sell to B2B customers?

Office clients: We are a coffee roastery and you can purchase all our coffees from our portfolio in 1kg packages at a discounted price. We also offer a variety of coffee gear and equipment.
Gastro clients (Cafés, Restaurants, Hotels): We are coffee roastery and you can purchase our B2B coffees as all our coffees from our portfolio. We also offer a variety of coffee gear and equipment and are the official European retail distributor of Chemex, Porlex and Fellow products.
Merchant (Gear) clients: We are the official European retail distributor for the following brands: Chemex, Fellow & Porlex.

What are the options for ordering?

You can choose between one-time purchase and subscription purchase through our online shop. One-time purchase is available for the whole catalogs. Subscription is available for coffee’s orders, to make sure you never run out of fresh beans.

What are the prices for B2B partners?

Please contact us to get the price lists. Those prices will be then applied & visible in your B2B account for one-time or subscription orders.

What are the conditions to order as B2B?

As registered company you can order from the B2B Partnershop. Information like VAT-ID will be verified from our B2B Team upon first orders. Without valid company and registered data, we will get back to you for further clarification.

To which country do you deliver and what are the costs for shipping?

You can have your B2B order delivered to any country within the EU. We apply B2B shipping cost on the order, pricing for shipping is communicated in the pricing list. Please get in touch with our B2B Team to get the price list.

What are the conditions for the subscription?

You can pause, cancel, adapt and trigger you next orders at anytime, even after the first order, the according prices are applied to your account.
In subscription, you can order only 1kg bags and you will receive an e-mail reminder from us three days before your next subscription delivery is due.

How to get access to the B2B Partnershop?

You must be a registered customer with a B2B account. In order to be a B2B Customer, please fill in the form above („Request prices now“) and we get in touch with you. The B2B Partnershop is only accessible once you have logged in with your registered B2B account.

What makes Coffee Circle different from other roasting companies?

Coffee Circle has been combining a love of coffee with a love of the people who grow it since 2010. We invest €1 per kg of coffee in the sustainable improvement of coffee farmers‘ living conditions. So far, we have been able to raise over €4.5 million in donations, which we have invested in education, access to water and hygiene training as well as in measures for sustainable coffee cultivation and quality improvement. We always maintain direct trade relationships with our partners and pay above-average prices (far higher than fair trade) for their green coffee. With your coffee subscription, you make the world a better place – yours through really good coffee and that of the producers through your donation.

* As a Coffee Circle partner, you will also receive the latest updates and offers for your company.