Karibu Filterkaffee wird frisch aufgebrüht mit dem Hario Handfilter und Wasserkocher

A Guide on Pour-Over Filter Coffee


At a glance

  • Amount of coffee
    32 g
  • Grind
  • Amount of water
    500 ml
  • Temperature
    96 °C
  • Brewing time
    3 - 4 min

What you need:

Preparing coffee with the hand filter is timeless, simple and fast. With the right technique you will get a great result – the coffee will surprise you with clear, strong aromas.

We at Coffee Circle are great advocates of manual coffee preparation, because this way you can prepare a coffee that tastes full-flavored and well-balanced in just a few steps. When brewing by hand, you can control all the important factors of the preparation. These include the amount of coffee used, the water temperature and the speed and consistency of the brewing process. Modern filter coffee machines also manage to brew a balanced filter coffee. However, only with the hand filter you can control all the factors.

Grind your coffee fresh and make sure the grind is consistent

1Select a medium grind. This ensures an even extraction and allows the coffee to fully develop its aroma. Tip: Always grind your coffee fresh and pay attention to the roasting date, because coffee beans lose many aromatic substances after six months at the latest. Electric coffee grinders or hand grinders are already available for under 50 €. The taste will amaze you!

Six preset water temperature levels with hold function

2Keep your fingers away from boiling water! The ideal water temperature for most forms of preparation is 92 - 96 °C. If the water is hotter, the coffee tastes bitter. If the water is colder than 85 °C, the coffee tastes watery to sour. The water temperature has a great influence on which and how many aroma substances are released from the coffee. Tip: Let the water rest for about one minute after boiling or transfer it immediately to another container.

We recommend 30 g of coffee for 480 ml of water.

3Put the freshly ground coffee into the paper filter. We recommend that you use 32 g of coffee per 500 ml of water when preparing coffee with the hand filter. However, the dosage of coffee is and remains a matter of taste. Tip: Use a precision scale for coffee preparation so that you can determine the exact ratio of coffee and water.

First moisten the ground coffee in the porcelain filter with a small amount of water.

4Moisten the ground coffee with water until it is completely covered. Wait 30 sec. and watch the coffee begin to expand - this is called blooming. The small bubbles that may now appear are gases escaping from the coffee. The ground coffee soaks up water, which aids extraction.

Handfiltern mit dem v60

5After blooming, continue to pour water into the hand filter. Add the water slowly in circular motions. Then pour only a thin stream into the center to maintain the water level in the filter. If you use a medium grind, the coffee should be ready after 3 - 4 min. Adjust the grind accordingly if your coffee runs too long or too short.

Et voilà, enjoy your filter coffee!

6If you use a medium grind, the coffee should be ready after 3 - 4 min. Adjust the grind accordingly if your coffee runs too long or too short.

7and now...enjoy!

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