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Freshly ground coffee not only simply tastes better, but also allows the aromas to remain protected in the coffee bean for a long time. We have put together a selection of coffee grinders for you - for every application and different price ranges. All electric and manual grinders have been thoroughly tested by us. ✓ Selected from coffee roasters for coffee lovers & baristas ✓ Free shipping in 1 day from 39 €

From beginner to expert, there is something for everyone!

Yirga Santos Espresso mahlen mit der Eureka Mignon Mühle
Limu Filterkaffee Bohnen frisch gemahlen in der Comandante

Why is it important to grind coffee freshly?

The taste of coffee is composed of many different factors. In addition to the freshness of the roast, the grind also plays a major role. You will achieve the best taste if the coffee is freshly ground just before preparation. This is because each preparation method requires a certain grind of coffee beans. Once ground coffee, commonly known as ground coffee or ground coffee grounds, comes into contact with oxygen, its aromas evaporate. This is because the surface area of ground coffee is larger than that of coffee beans. For this reason, the flavors of ground coffee disappear more quickly, while whole beans last longer. When storing coffee, avoid contact with its natural enemies: Oxygen, moisture, heat and light.

What is important when grinding coffee?

The aim of coffee grinding is to extract the aromas present in the coffee as best as possible during brewing. The most important factor is the correct grind, because this determines the extraction strength. The following can be remembered: If your coffee tastes sour or watery, your grind is probably too coarse. If your coffee tastes too strong and bitter, the grind may be too fine. Which grind is the right one depends mainly on the preparation method. In general, the finer the grind, the shorter the contact time with the water.

Unterschiedliche Kaffeemahlgrade für Espresso, Filterkaffee und Frech Press
  • Left: fine – suitable for espresso machines
  • Middle: medium – suitable for filter coffee
  • Right: coarse – suitable for the French Pres

Explained in the video: How do I find the ideal grind for espresso?

How you find the right grinding degree we show you step by step here:

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How to recognize a good coffee grinder?

Two factors should be considered before buying a grinder. First, the question should be clarified whether the motor and the grinder generate a lot of heat when grinding the coffee beans. Because if the beans are heated too much during grinding, the coffee oils change and the coffee tastes bitter to burnt. The second factor concerns the homogeneity of the ground coffee. A good coffee grinder should grind the coffee beans to an identical size so that uniform extraction is possible. If the grind is uneven, the extraction will also be uneven and the coffee will be unbalanced.
Generally speaking, if the coffee grinder has a stepless macro adjustment and a stepless micro adjustment, the grind can be set very easily and precisely. An all-rounder offers flexibility for both coffee and espresso preparation.

Sierra Nevada Kaffee in der Hario Skerton Mühle

What grinders are available?

An important indicator of the quality of the ground product is the grinding mechanism of the grinder. There are grinders with beater blades, electric grinders with disc mill, electric grinders with cone mill and hand grinders. We generally advise against coffee grinders with impact knives, as the coffee is ground very unevenly. This results in uneven extraction. All coffee grinders differ in operation, handling, but mainly in the quality of the ground coffee.

Which grinder fits you best? Electric and manual grinders in test:
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