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18 June 2023

5 recipe ideas for your iced coffee


#Coffee Knowledge

1 March 2023

What is the difference between Americano and Café Crème?

In the cup they look almost the same, but what is behind them?


#Coffee Knowledge

1 March 2023

Decaf: Why it exists and how to prepare it

Who had the idea to decaffeinate coffee beans, and which methods can be used? We have decaffeinated coffees on offer also. Here, we explain more about it.


#Coffee Circle

31 March 2022

Coffee Circle Receives the SCA Sustainability Award 2022

We are happy and proud to have received the SCA Sustainability Award for our work in Western Ethiopia.



16 February 2022

Adjustment of our Coffee Prices

Due to the globally rising coffee prices, we too have to adjust our prices. Here we give an insight into the current situation.


#Coffee Circle

19 October 2021

Coffee in Times of Corona: How Has Ethiopia Been Affected?

No aspect of life has been untouched by Covid, including coffee. What is the situation Ethiopia like?



11 August 2021

Your perfect Sunday brunch: Sauteed mushrooms and caramelised French Toast

Today we serve: sauteed mixed mushrooms with lemon zest and creme fraiche on toasted sourdough. For the dessert we show how you can prepare caramelised French Toast with chocolate espresso sauce, mascarpone and cherries.


#Coffee Knowledge

5 August 2021

Tested: Sibarist Paper Filter

The new paper filters from Sibarist promise exceptional coffee for preparation in a hand filter. But do they deliver what they promise? We tested them for you.



5 August 2021

The perfect summer drink: 5 Cold Brews in comparison

Cold Brews are especially popular in summer since they are incredibly refreshing. We tried a few recipes for you.