Enjoy the best coffees, roasted by professionals.

What is special about Coffee Circle coffee?

In every single step that a coffee bean travels from the country of origin to your home, we place value on the highest quality. Our coffees are naturally grown and optimally processed in the country of origin. We roast freshly and traditionally in our Berlin roastery and package your coffee in such a way that the aroma is preserved and remains fresh for as long as possible. We send coffee to your home in 1 to 2 days and are sure that you will enjoy the first sip. We are happy to support you with our extensive coffee knowledge. With our coffee subscription, your favorite coffee comes freshly roasted, regularly to your home. We deliver as often as you want – without shipping costs and without minimum term.

This closes the circle

But at your home the special is not over yet. Because with your purchase you have automatically supported our projects in the countries of origin with 1 € per kg. In this way, we work together to improve local living conditions. The sum of these factors makes Specialty Coffee or Third Wave Coffee: a high quality of green coffee, a fair trade and the optimal preparation result in a coffee taste that you are not used to.

An den Drying Beds

We personally travel to the origin to find the best coffees in the world.

Fernando aus dem Coffee Circle Team

The coffees are traditionally roasted and sent freshly to your home.

Der Geruch von gutem Kaffee

Our goal? Every coffee lover will find their favorite coffee with us.

What kind of coffees does Coffee Circle offer?

In our portfolio you will find a wide variety of flavors, from fruity to nutty to chocolaty, mild or strong, light or full-bodied.

  • You will find so-called Single Origins, which come exclusively from one origin and offer you clear, fine flavors and consist of 100% Arabica beans, such as Limu, Yirgacheffe or Sierra Nevada coffee or our Sidamo espresso.
  • We have developed blends that combine the best of different origins, also as a 100% Arabica blend, such as Buna Dimaa or Toleyo coffee – but sometimes also with a Robusta content, such as Yirga Santos Espresso.
  • Decaffeinated coffee and decaffeinated espresso can be found in our assortment under the name „Decaf“.
  • We also offer limited, so-called Limited Edition coffees, which change regularly. We only have small quantities of these roasts, as they come from small cooperatives. They are special in taste and usually roasted a little lighter to emphasize the fine flavors.
  • There are different roast grades: Light Roasts, such as Rungeto coffee to Italy Roasts, such as the Grano Gayo and French Roasts.
Cerrado Omniroast Filterkaffee und Espresso Aromen

The flavor diversity of coffee is in no way inferior to the world of wine, on the contrary! While coffee brings more than 800 flavors, wine has only 400.

For which preparation methods are the coffees suitable?

We have coffee varieties for every type of preparation in our assortment: espresso roasts for espresso machine / sieve carrier, the stove pot / espresso maker or for fully automatic machines, but also filter coffee roasts for the filter coffee machine, French Press and hand filters. 

Where do Coffee Circle’s coffees come from?

We started in Ethiopia in 2010 and source much of our coffee from there. Did you know that Ethiopia is the country of origin of coffee? But we also personally travel to Kenya, Congo and Colombia to find the best coffees in the world. Additionally, we complement our espresso blends with coffees from Brazil, Indonesia, India and Mexico.

What is Coffee Circle’s position on sustainability and social commitment?

Coffee Circle purchases coffee only under certain conditions. Traceability, fair payment for high quality and environmentally friendly cultivation methods are only part of the purchasing criteria for us. Learn more about it here With your coffee purchase you also automatically support our social projects through 1 € per kg. The donation is already included in the price of the coffee.

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Clean drinking water for more than 37,100 people in Ethiopia

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