This coffee comes from the highlands of the Limu region in western Ethiopia. It is one of the first coffees we ever imported and still inspires us with its quality.

TasteBalanced | Dark Chocolate, Grape
Roast Degree
Sort100 % Arabica, Single Origin
Bio-Siegel der Europäischen UnionCertified organic by the inspection body DE-ÖKO-001

€39.60/kg incl. VAT .

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Limu Kaffeemoment

With this coffee, every morning feels like a Sunday morning


Limu coffee is multi-facetted and delights your palate with its taste structure: after the first sweet and fresh coffee taste, Limu presents amazingly full-bodied aromas of dark chocolate – a result of the natural aroma of the coffee cherry.

Preparation tips!

Limu coffee is suitable for almost all types of coffee preparation, whether you are a fan of the French Press, the espresso pot, the fully automatic machine or manual brewing in the filter – Limu coffee will not disappoint.

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Fresh and careful roasting in Berlin

The coffees are roasted freshly in our roastery by our roasters. They roast the Limu for about 16 minutes at 203 °C to bring out the fine nuances.

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Hannes und Ersin an der Röstmaschine
Bestseller Classic Mix aus Limu, Sidamo, Buna Dimaa, Grano Gayo, Yirga Santos

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The Kenissa Cooperative

  • Slope: Kenissa, Limu region, Ethiopia
  • Coordinates: 7° 38′ 13.51 „N 36°40′ 28.15 „E
  • Altitude: 2.080 m
  • Coffee farmer: 290
  • Plant: Local landrace (100 % Arabica)
  • Processing: washed
  • Harvest time: October – January

100 % from natural cultivation

The Kenissa cooperative with around 300 coffee farmer families is located in the Limu region in southwest Ethiopia. Kenissa is part of our quality improvement project, which we are implementing together with Welthungerhilfe in the Agaro region near Limu. Kenissa will receive a new washing station with a new eco pulper in 2018. In addition, the farmers are being trained to improve their coffee cultivation and harvesting so that they achieve better coffee quality. During harvest time, we send quality trainers to the washing station to inspect the processing of the cherries and give training on how to improve the quality. Kenissa has only been able to export its coffee for two years now, and as a result, the prices are higher than before. And the quality is exceptionally good.

Herkunft Limu

Direct trade – on site and at eye level

Ilketunjo is the first cooperative we have been working with since 2010. Here you can learn more about our trading model.

What we stand for ›

Trinkwasserversorgung für 18.900 Menschen

Clean drinking water for the people in the Limu region

1353 customer reviews

alles OK

Customer7 August 2023

alles ok

Customer6 July 2023


Schon länger zufrieden

Customer5 July 2023

Genialer Geschmack

Genialer Geschmack, kaum Bitterkeit. Mein absoluter daily.

Customer26 June 2023

Lecker Kaffee

Fein, aromatischer Kaffee, schmeckt gut

Customer13 May 2023

Perfekter Standard!

Customer9 May 2023

alles OK

Customer6 May 2023

alles ok

Customer24 April 2023

Sehr guter Begleiter

Sehr guter, komplexer Geschmack. Täglicher Begleiter in den Tag.

Customer23 April 2023

Lecker Limu

Ausgewogen im Geschmack, angenehmes Aroma, immer wieder gern

Customer31 March 2023

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