Zubereitungstipps für die Karlsbader Kanne

Step by step: coffee preparation with the Karlsbader pot and the Bayreuther pot


At a glance

  • Amount of coffee
    22 g
  • Grind
  • Amount of water
    350 ml
  • Temperature
    96 °C
  • Brewing time
    4 - 5 min

What you need:

The Karlsbader pot is a traditional and beautifully designed way to make good coffee.

The Karlsbader pot consists of four porcelain parts. The coffee is filtered through a fine, double-glazed porcelain sieve. The completely tasteless porcelain ensures that the pot brings out the full flavors of the coffee. The Karlsbad pot is a true classic from Walküre Porzellan in Bayreuth. The preparation tips for the Karlsbad pot also apply to its „little sister“, the Bayreuth coffee pot.

1Be sure to grind the coffee for the Karlovy Vary pot to the coarsest level. We recommend a coarse grind. The use of coarsely ground coffee powder leads to a slow and even extraction of the coffee aromas. In addition, no coffee powder gets through the fine porcelain sieve. The result: your coffee is fuller-bodied and more nuanced. If possible, use a grinder with a disc mill. This grinds the coffee evenly and you always achieve a good result. A hand grinder with an appropriate grinding mechanism is also well suited.

2Use 10 g of coffee per cup of coffee. For best results, we recommend 350 ml of water to 22 g of coffee.

3Now first moisten the coffee powder in the porcelain filter with a small amount of water. Wait 30 seconds and observe how the coffee begins to swell. This swelling is important because it allows the water to release the aromas better from the start. After 30 seconds, carefully pour the remaining water into the water distributor of the pot.

4Remove the porcelain filter after the desired amount of water has passed through and replace the lid. Have fun! By the way: The used coffee grounds (especially from organic farming) are very good as plant fertilizer. Simply mix the coffee grounds with the soil.

5Relax and enjoy your coffee!

Help, my coffee does not taste good!

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