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Our Story: What does Coffee Circle stand for?

In short, we deliver the best coffees in the world, freshly roasted, to your home. But the road to reach this point is a long one. Our goal is to create a transparent value chain that benefits everyone involved – from cultivation and roasting to the final cup of coffee and back to the source. Read on to find out how we achieve this.

We love truly good coffee.

But what does ‘good’ mean? Good for us? Quality does not just depend on variety and roasting. It starts with cultivation and the conditions under which the coffee was produced, including trade relationships that are based on equality and fairness. Every single bean has a long journey, in which many people are passionately involved, before it reaches your home. A path that you can retrace with us. But the journey does not end with you: with every cup of coffee, you contribute to improving the lives of coffee farmers in their countries of origin. Closing the circle.

Truly good coffee

Find your favourite coffee variety with us

Every year we travel to the countries of origin with the aim of finding the best coffees in the world for you. We taste dozens of coffees in so-called Cuppings. No, it never gets boring! We slurp and smell countless aromas in all kinds of combinations. It’s hard to believe, but a coffee can be very complex and remind you of tropical fruits, honey or flowers. In this way, we select only the best of the current crop, which we have rated with a cupping score of at least 80 (of a possible 100) points.

In Berlin, our master roasters develop an individual roasting profile for each variety. This enables us to further develop our coffee range to suit every taste. Every week we gently roast these coffees in our own Berlin roasting plant, pack them to protect the aroma and send them climate-neutrally to your home – also available as a flexible subscription.

Do you prefer mild filter coffee or strong espresso with thick crema? Our tasting packs contain three varieties for you to discover. Try it out!

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Viel Spaß bei der Zeremonie
Fernando aus dem Coffee Circle Team
Geschmackskomponenten vom dem Yirgacheffe


We have everything you need for truly good coffee

There is so much to discover in the world of coffee and we too are learning more every day! We share our love for coffee and our knowledge with you: you will find many articles on our site about proper coffee preparation, how to find the right grind degree for your grinder or how best to store coffee.

Our team will help you find the right equipment and only offers accessories that we have tested ourselves. You are looking for the right coffee variety for your espresso machine or you are having problems with the preparation? You don’t know which coffee machine or grinder is the right one for you? Then get in touch with us and we will help you.

At Coffee Circle, we only sell accessories that we would also recommend to our friends.

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For us, direct trade means trading on an equal footing

During our trips to the countries of origin we encounter incredible hospitality. Often we get to know the coffee farmers‘ families and have a chat over a „Buna“ in Ethiopia or the „Tinto“ in Colombia and learn a lot about the life and challenges coffee farmers face. These conversations only fuel our motivation!

Our aim is to enable producers to earn more from coffee. We believe that the key to their stable and higher income lies in high coffee quality. For this we are prepared to pay high prices that are independent of the world market. In this way we hope to motivate coffee farmers to hold on to the traditional and ecological cultivation methods of their coffees and to strive for continuous improvement of their harvests. This financial incentive not only benefits coffee farmers, but also their families, for whom coffee is often the most important source of income. The income from the coffee trade thus contributes in the long term to improving local living conditions.

For us, direct trade means direct communication and long-term relationships with producers.

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With every cup of coffee you contribute to better living conditions in the coffee regions

In addition to the high purchase prices, we invest €1 per kilogram of coffee sold into social projects that we implement together with the local people. In this way we give back more than 2.5 times as much as the Fair Trade Seal system, for example.

You decide which project you want to support with your coffee purchase:

  1. Financing of a training centre (Cupping Lab) in the D.R. Congo for 3,500 farmers to improve their coffee quality. The goal: higher income for the farmers.
  2. More than 10,000 coffee farmers in Ethiopia are trained and supported by experts over 3 years: for higher income and better quality.
  3. The third part of our large WaSH project in Ethiopia: the construction of a supply system including distribution points for clear drinking water for 18,900 people in the community of Doyo Bikilla.

And so the circle is complete!

So far we have been able to reach 49,000 people through projects in the areas of education, health and coffee cultivation.

Clean drinking water for 18,900 people in Ethiopia