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The current projects at a glance: 1 € donation per kg of coffee

We invest 1 € per kg of coffee in the coffee-growing regions to improve the lives of local farmers and their families. Together with the local people, we implement measures in the areas of health, education and coffee cultivation, which we initiate and which are supported and expanded by the communities in the long term. On this page you will find an overview of all projects that are currently active.


The health care system in Ethiopia has drastic deficiencies. People lack the most necessary basic supplies. Many of the people in the regions where our coffee is grown have to travel kilometers to get water. We want to change that!

Clean drinking water for 37,100 people


85 percent of the Ethiopian population lives in rural areas, like the coffee farmers in our partner cooperatives. Here, life is characterized by the lack of drinking water and sanitation, so that many inhabitants have to provide themselves with contaminated water. Through the construction of drinking water systems and sanitary facilities and with the help of hygiene training, we provide sustainable support with clean drinking water.

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Coffee value chain

Coffee is the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Falling coffee prices and changing growing conditions due to climate change threaten the livelihoods of coffee farmers. We work with local partners to promote sustainable farming methods and training to improve coffee quality.

Education and quality training for 10,000 coffee farmers


The price of coffee is determined on the basis of quality. The higher the quality of the coffee, the higher the selling price and the farmers‘ income. We will be supporting 15 coffee cooperatives over three harvest cycles until 2020. We provide targeted support for coffee farmers in coffee cultivation, processing of coffee beans, and business planning, and help them to improve the quality of their products – for higher income in the long term.

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Cupping Lab (training center) for 3,500 farmers

D.R. Congo

Coffee is one of the few relevant sources of income in eastern Congo. However, farmers have to grow their coffee under the most difficult conditions. We support two cooperatives with a cupping lab (= training center), with which they can evaluate the quality of their coffee independently. This knowledge enables them to continuously improve the coffee quality. The goal: higher income for the farmers in the long term.

Kenia Projekt Thiririka FCS

Support for 2,600 coffee farmers


The Thiririka FCS cooperative has great potential for exceptionally high quality coffee due to its geographic location and highly motivated farmers. However, they are not yet able to fully exploit their potential and therefore generate less revenue for their coffees compared to other cooperatives in Kenya. This project aims to help the farmers to improve the quality of their coffee and thus increase their income in the long run.

Cooperation with farmers and trading partners


Coffee cultivation in Myanmar has only been practiced by cooperatives and farmers in the highlands for a few years. We support coffee farmers in Myanmar to increase the quality of their coffee and to make it better known in Europe. The farmers are motivated and see coffee as a promising way to be economically successful and independent. With your coffee purchase you contribute to this!

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Funding for the second annual African Breeders Hub

World Coffee Research

Climate change, new diseases and pests are making it difficult for the coffee plant and farmers. World Coffee Research is making sure our planet doesn’t run out of coffee. In over 26 countries, coffee experts and scientists are diving deep into the coffee plant and developing innovative ways to provide coffee farmers with a sustainable future. With this new project you support World Coffee Research with 1 € per kilogram of coffee.

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We have achieved this with 1 € per kg of coffee:

Building a school, equipping several schools, building wells and expanding a health station.


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