Increasing coffee quality for 1,521 farmers in D.R. Congo


The still very young „Bblo Kawa“ coffee cooperative in the east of the D.R. Congo has the best geographical conditions to produce specialty coffee. We support them to increase the quality of their coffee and to make it better known in Europe. With your coffee purchase you contribute to this!

Currently, the cooperative is already producing coffee, but the quality is still insufficient for export and is primarily sold on the local market and/or smuggled across the border to Uganda. This means that the cooperative is currently not able to earn money from the sale of exportable coffee. Together with our local partner Rikolto we want to change this. The goal is to comprehensively train and strengthen the individual smallholders and the entire cooperative so that they can raise their coffee quality to the level of specialty coffee, export it and earn higher wages.

In brief:

Project volume: 182,000 €

Implementation period: 2023–2025


  • Region: Ituri, DR Kongo
  • Cooperative: Bblo Kawa
  • Geo-Coordinates: 2.1015973 N, 29.0559738 E
  • Beneficiaries: approximately 1,531 coffee farmers and the equivalent of approximately 7,655 household members

Concrete measures

In cooperation with the NGO Rikolto, we provide comprehensive support to the Bblo Kawa coffee cooperative. This involves infrastructural measures, such as the purchase of two new washing stations, as well as the renovation of existing washing stations and drying beds. Furthermore, the smallholders receive comprehensive advice and training on agronomic issues and practices related to coffee cultivation, such as pruning coffee plants, creating organic compost in their gardens, and the appropriate establishment of a mixed culture in the allotments. The creation of a mixed culture means that other crops will be planted between the coffee plants, which will provide shade for the coffee plants and generate additional income.

In addition, the coffee cooperative receives financial support and advice for the necessary construction measures of a cupping lab and for the import of the necessary laboratory equipment. This gives the cooperative the opportunity to analyze its coffee qualities in a differentiated way. This enables them to make targeted improvements and gives them the opportunity to separate the best coffee qualities and achieve higher revenues for them. For the Cupping Lab, we are creating a hulling machine (peeling machine to remove the parchment skin of the coffee bean before roasting), a sample roasting machine, coffee grinders, hot water equipment, scales, cups and cupping spoons. A solar kit is provided as an emergency power generator.

Why this project?

The conditions in this region for high-quality specialty coffees are optimal, as the natural conditions such as cultivation altitude, soil quality, and climate favor high coffee quality. By building and renovating washing stations, the cooperative can potentially even quadruple its coffee production. We believe in helping people to help themselves and in the future of specialty coffee from Congo! Coffee cultivation in the D.R. Congo offers coffee farmers an opportunity to increase their income and thereby improve their living conditions and those of their families.