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At Coffee Circle, we offer the world’s finest coffee and equipment. We roast all coffees to perfection and serve and ship them freshly. We always aim to deliver the best flavor experience for our customers. We stand for respect and true fairness in the value chain. We source directly from coffee growers and pay high prices for high-quality coffee. We treat people how we want to be treated, and respect all humans as they are. We maintain open, honest, and transparent communication with our partners. In all we do, we uphold the highest moral standards to sustain the planet and humanity.

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We stand for respect, transparency and genuine fairness in the value chain.

We promote positive social change in coffee-growing regions, support research to make coffee farming more climate-smart and secure the income of coffee farmers and their families for generations to come.

Our Direct Trade Principles

The quality of a coffee depends not only on the variety and roasting, but begins with the cultivation and the conditions under which it is produced. A path that you can follow transparently with us and that we improve with the way we act: Directly. Locally. Long-term. And above all: at eye level with our partners.

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Beratung am SUV

Coffee Circle Foundation e.V.

We believe that coffee producers should benefit more from their valuable product. That’s why our entire trading model is designed to do more than just buy coffee at fair prices. Through our Coffee Circle Foundation e.V., we invest €1 per kilogram of coffee sold in coffee communities around the world for a shared improvement in their livelihoods.

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Current projects

Our projects cover the areas of WaSH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene) and sustainable coffee cultivation to secure the future of coffee and the people. All projects are designed in such a way that they can be continued in the long term and independently of us. In this way, coffee farmers gain access to the market and earn higher wages through higher quality. Here we keep you up to date.

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Herzliche Gastfreundschaft

Closed Projects

Since 2010, we have been setting new standards for coffee quality and fair consumption. Driven by the vision to improve the lives of farmers in Ethiopia, we started to rethink and redesign the coffee value chain – from origin to freshly brewed cup of coffee. And with every cup, you support the farmers and their families in the coffee-growing countries.

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Impact Report 2023

From clean drinking water supplies, nutrition programs, planting coffee trees to building cupping labs in Ethiopia, Colombia, Kenya, Myanmar, Rwanda and Congo, we’ve got everything from 2021 transparently laid out for you here.

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Fair coffee prices

We pay high prices for high quality coffee. Does that mean we pay enough? We got to the bottom of it and tell you here what’s behind the topic of coffee prices.

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We make the big world of specialty coffee easy for you

We offer the best coffees in the world and celebrate their diversity. But we want all of this to be as easy as possible for you. We take you by the hand and accompany you into the world of high-quality coffee.

Coffee Circle Rösterei

How we roast your coffee

Since 2016 we roast in our own roastery in Berlin-Wedding. We are experienced coffee experts and roast all varieties to perfection. We serve and ship fresh daily to give you the best possible taste experience.

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Frisch gebrühter Karibu Kaffee

Find your Coffee Match

Whether classically strong or funky fermented, the coffee selection with us is large. We strive to offer the right coffee for every taste and brewer and help you with the coffee match.

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Coffee Circle Café Wedding

Our Cafés

In our cafes we serve the best and most sustainable coffee in town. We offer exceptional products, in a cozy and warm environment where you feel welcome. Everyone is welcome at our place.

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Our Story

The history of Coffee Circle in a nutshell.

Coffee Circle was founded in 2010 in the spirit of discovery and change. At that time, the term social business did not exist, nor was there a widespread social understanding of sustainable consumption, let alone buying coffee online. In 2009, during a trip to Ethiopia, we saw a very clear need to revolutionize the coffee value chain and improve the lives of coffee farmers in a sustainable and long-term way.

Today, Coffee Circle is a pioneer in the industry. Since its inception, we have continued to grow our business. 2016 our own roastery, 2019 the first café in Berlin. We prioritize the environment, society, and economic goals equally and take ourselves to task. We are a certified Benefit Corporation (B-Corp since 2016) and strive to get better every day and make coffee better for people globally.

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Inside Coffee Circle

You want to support us so that even more people know Coffee Circle? Then dive behind the scenes. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Coffee Circle Team

That's us

Our team consists of over 80 coffee lovers from more than 24 countries. We are colorful and loud and believe in diversity. Get to know us!

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Coffee Circle Café Wedding


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Sustainability Award 2022

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) has honored our biodiversity project with the coveted Sustainability Award – a confirmation of our concept of working hand in hand with local communities.

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