Espresso Sidamo

Sidamo is our first espresso roast. 100 % pure Ethiopian Arabica coffee yields a potent, complex and aromatic espresso.

TasteLively | Caramel, Dark Berries
Roast Degree
Sort100 % Arabica, Single Origin
Bio-Siegel der Europäischen UnionCertified organic by the inspection body DE-ÖKO-001

€43.60/kg incl. VAT

Delivery 1 to 3 days in 🇩🇪

donation tipMake the difference with us

We invest €1 per kg of coffee with ours Coffee Circle Foundation e.V. in the growing regions in sustainable coffee cultivation, education and clean drinking water.

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With every cup of Coffee Circle coffee, you support our projects in the growing regions. Learn more
Latte Art mit unserem Sidamo Espresso

Sidamo Espresso is for delicacy lovers

100 % natural


Sidamo inspires with a very exciting and complex taste, dark fruit notes and a tangy spiciness – a result of the natural aromatic diversity of the coffee cherry. When enjoyed with milk, a caramel-like the espresso tastes very sweet.

Sidamo Espresso aus der Sage Barista Pro Espressomaschine

Preparation tips

Sidamo should be prepared in a strainer or with a mocha pot. The espresso consists of 100% Arabica beans. Often an espresso is a so-called blend, i.e. a mixture of Arabica and Robusta beans. But pure Arabica coffees are more nuanced in taste and complement the typical strong espresso taste with fine fruit notes.

Fresh roasting in Berlin

The Espresso Sidamo is roasted for about 18 minutes at just under 220 °C and ensures a rich crema in the cup. The long roasting makes our espresso mild and aromatic. The roasting date on the packaging tells you exactly when your espresso was roasted and shows the freshness of our coffees.

Stelle die Herdplatte auf mittlere bis starke Hitze. Zu hohe Temperaturen verbrennen den Kaffee und führen zu einem bitteren Nachgeschmack. Bleibe am Herd, denn schon nach wenigen Minuten ist dein Kaffee trinkfertig.

Sidamo Espresso is also available by subscription

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The Tero Farm

  • Slope: Tero Farm, Guji Region, Ethiopia
  • Geo coordinates: 5°53’46.2″N, 38°48’08.0″E
  • Height: 2,050 m
  • Coffee Farmer: 789
  • Plant: local landraces, 100%, Arabica
  • Certified organic by the control authority DE-ÖKO-001
  • Processing: natural
  • Harvest time: November – January

The Sidamo region in the south of Ethiopia is one of the special coffee growing regions

The Tero farm is located in the south of Ethiopia, in Guji of the Sidamo region and is certified organic by the DE-ÖKO-001 inspection board. The coffee farmers grow the coffee at an altitude of almost 2,000 meters, in shady forest gardens. There the coffee cherries ripen more slowly in the cool mountain climate. This gives them more time to develop their characteristic, refreshingly fruity taste – just like good wine. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not used.

The coffee cherries are harvested by hand, which ensures that only ripe cherries are picked and processed. The harvested cherries are carefully dried in the sun with regular turning. The beans are then separated from the pulp of the crisps and sorted again by hand, so that only the best beans are exported.

Herkunft Sidamo
Die Auslese

Direct trade – on site and at eye level

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In der Sonne

With every cup of coffee you support projects in Ethiopia

100% Arabica

Often an espresso is a so-called blend, i.e. a mixture of Arabica and Robusta beans. Compared to Arabica coffees, Robusta coffees taste smokier and heavier than the fine and versatile Arabica coffees. Arabica coffees are more nuanced in taste and complement the typical strong espresso taste with fine fruit notes. The Sidamo Espresso is made from 100% Arabica beans and therefore has a very complex taste.

Latte Art mit unserem Sidamo

995 customer reviews

Unser Lieblingsespresso…

Unser Lieblingsespresso (Siebträgermaschine) und immer super frisch geröstet!

Customer9 April 2024

Schmeckt sehr lebendig

Schmeckt sehr lebendig , nach Karamell und Dunkle Beeren

Customer3 April 2024

Sehr fruchtiges Aroma

Sehr fruchtiges Aroma. Schmeckt ausgezeichnet!

Customer29 December 2023

Geschmacklich gut

Geschmacklich gut Produkt ist leider im Preis stark gestiegen. Da gibt es bessere Produkte und günstiger

Customer25 November 2023

Ausgewogen in Säure

Ausgewogen in Säure, nicht zu viele Bitterstoffe

Customer15 November 2023

Hat sich verändert

Irgendetwas wurde verändert seit meiner letzten Bestellung. Die Röstung erscheint mir milder und der Geschmack beinhaltet mehr Säure. Hoffe das die Lieferung nur ein kleiner Ausreisser ist.

Customer16 September 2023

Der Sidamo Espresso hat einen…

Der Sidamo Espresso hat einen wunderbaren Geschmack. Er schmeckt als Café Crema, Cappuccino und als Espresso lecker.

Customer22 August 2023


Ich bin wie immer Mit der Qualität, der Lieferzeit und dem Service sehr zufrieden

Customer14 August 2023

Mein absoluter Lieblings-Espresso

Mein absoluter Lieblings-Espresso. Schon der Duft ist speziell. Seit ich ihn kenne macht mich kein anderer Espresso mehr an😍.

Customer20 July 2023

Ausbalancierter Geschmack

Sehr guter, ausbalancierter Geschmack. Allerdings recht hochpreisig. Wir haben einen Sidamo einer anderen, preiswerteren Rösterei probiert. Der war aber bei weitem nicht mit dem von Coffee Circel vergleichbar.

Customer3 June 2023