Karibu is a coffee blend from three countries: Ethiopia, Brazil and Kenya. The blend gives the coffee its unique flavour, which reminds us of chocolate and cinnamon.

TasteComplex | Chocolate, Cinnamon
Roast Degree
OriginBrazil, Kenya, Ethiopia
Sort100 % Arabica, Blend

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Karibu – The best of three countries


The taste of Karibu filter coffee reminds us of dark chocolate with a subtle hint of cinnamon. For this we have combined the best of three countries: the sweetness of Ethiopian coffees, with spicy notes from Brazil and fruity notes from Kenya in the finish. The result is a pleasantly strong filter coffee that will delight you.

Tips for preperation

Karibu is suitable for any type of filter coffee preparation. Our favorite way to brew it is with a filter coffee maker and French press.

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Fresh and mild roasting in Berlin

We roast Karibu coffee fresh every week with a medium-strength roast profile (so-called „city roast“). Our roasting masters take great care to find the exact moment when the complex aroma of the coffee is in harmony with the roasting aromas. The final temperature of the coffee is 212° Celsius.

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The Karibu is a blend of Brazilian, Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees and combines the advantages of each coffee with each other. The Brazilian component comes from our partner cooperative APAS, who have created a high-quality APAS Blend especially for us. This coffee tastes nutty, chocolaty and is very soft. The Ethiopian component comes from the region around Agaro in Western Ethiopia, from the cooperative Geta Bore, with whom we have been working for many years. The Kenyan coffee comes from the Thiririka cooperative in Kiambu, where we have a project with the coffee farmers to improve their quality.

The name of the coffee reminds us of our stays in Kenya, where we are greeted with „Karibu“ in the cooperatives. Because in Swahili it means „welcome“.



  • Origin: Geta Bore, Agaro, Limu, Ethiopia
  • Geo coordinates: 7°46’57.0 „N 36°24’31.9 „E
  • Altitude: 2,040 m
  • Coffee farmers: 231
  • Processing: Washed
  • Plant: Heirloom, local landraces (Arabica)


  • Origin: APAS, Mantiqueira de Minas, Brazil
  • Geo-coordinates: 21°56’16.4 „S 45°28’07.3 „W
  • Altitude: about 1.000 m
  • Coffee farmers: 60
  • Processing: Natural
  • Plant: Yellow Catuaí, Yellow Bourbón, Mundo Novo (Arabica)


  • Origin: Thiririka FCS, Kiambu, Kenya
  • Geo coordinates: -0.985218, 36.832097
  • Altitude: 1,800 m
  • Coffee farmers: 2,600
  • Processing: Washed
  • Plant: SL-28, SL-24, Ruiru 11 (Arabica)

1 € per kg of coffee goes to our projects!

With your coffee purchase, 1 € per kg of coffee goes to our social projects in Ethiopia, D.R. Congo or Kenya. You decide in the shopping cart which project you would like to support:

Access to clean drinking water for 18,900 people in Ethiopia.
Higher wages for 10,000 coffee farmers in Ethiopia
A training center for 3,500 coffee farmers in D.R. Congo for higher coffee prices
Support for 2,600 coffee farmers in Kenya

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211 customer reviews

Der Kaffee hat eine herausragende…

Der Kaffee hat eine herausragende Qualität. Die Firmenphilosophie gefällt mir. Beziehe seit Jahren den Kaffee von Coffee Circle.

Customer17 April 2024

Sehr schmackhaft

Customer8 April 2024

wir mögen diesen Kaffee sehr gerne

wir mögen diesen Kaffee sehr gerne, da trinkt man auch mal eine Tasse mehr am Morgen weil er so gut schmeckt

Customer7 March 2024

Der Kaffee schmeckt sehr gut

Der Kaffee schmeckt sehr gut. Meine Bestellung beinhaltete noch andere Sorten. Eine Packung (Verschluss-Tüte in welcher das Kaffeepulver ist) war leider vorne wie aufgeschlitzt, so dass Kaffeepulver heraus rieselte

Customer6 March 2024

Bringt mal etwas Abwechslung rein

Bringt mal etwas Abwechslung rein, auch sehr gut !

Customer19 February 2024

Sehr lecker

Customer4 December 2023

Sehr guter Kaffee mit tollen Geschmack

Sehr guter Kaffee mit tollen Geschmack, mein Lieblings Kaffee.

Customer16 November 2023

Sehr guter Geschmack und wenig Säure.

Customer8 October 2023

Die Bestellung und Lieferung klappt…

Die Bestellung und Lieferung klappt immer unkompliziert und pünktlich

Customer17 September 2023

Runde 2

Diese Sorte ist einfach lecker, so dass ich wieder nachbestellt habe.

Customer12 September 2023