Espresso Explorer Set

With the large espresso discovery set you can try the whole world of coffee flavors.

  • Sidamo: 100% Arabica, Single Origin: Ethiopia, tastes reminiscent of dark berries & caramel.
  • Grano Gayo: 100% Arabica, Blend: Indonesia, Colombia, Mexico & Peru, tastes like roasted aromas & brown sugar
  • Yirga Santos: 75 % Arabica, 25 % Robusta, Blend: Brazil, India & Ethiopia, tastes like brown sugar & chocolate
  • House Blend: 100 % Arabica, Blend: Colombia, Congo & Laos, tastes like marzipan & nougat
  • Cerrado: 100 % Arabica, Single Origin: Ethiopia, tastes like hazelnuts & sweet fruits

The set consists of 250 g of whole beans of each variety.

Classic, nutty, chocolatey or fruity, this set has them all and more. Try now and find your new favorite coffee!


€41.20/kg incl. VAT

Delivery 1 to 3 days in 🇩🇪

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We invest €1 per kg of coffee with ours Coffee Circle Foundation e.V. in the growing regions in sustainable coffee cultivation, education and clean drinking water.

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