Chemex coffee carafe - with glass handle

The original Chemex coffee carafe with glass handle makes serving even easier and is available in several sizes.

  • Coffee maker for wonderfully aromatic, pure filter coffee
  • Hardly any sediment or bitter elements, thanks to specially designed Chemex paper filters
  • Extremely easy-to-use preparation, brewing and serving vessel in one

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Chemex coffee carafe with glass handle

The Chemex coffee maker is absolutely unique in every respect. Filter coffee of incomparable clarity and the outstanding design ensure that the Chemex is not without reason a category of its own among our brewing methods. The carafe is made in one piece from heat-resistant borosilicate glass and has a glass handle that is attached in the middle instead of the traditional wooden sleeve. Although the carafe warms up during coffee brewing, the glass handle remains cool enough and allows for very comfortable handling.
With the Chemex, coffee is brewed in the same way as with conventional hand filters, but is served directly from the carafe. In the kitchen and on the breakfast table, the Chemex is an absolute eye-catcher, because a practical and elegant coffee maker combines functionality and design. Matching accessories in the characteristic Chemex design such as cups, glass lids and kettle complete the ensemble.

What is so special about Chemex?

Chemex has launched a completely new type of paper filter in addition to the innovative carafe. The paper used is 20-30% thicker than conventional filters and has a particularly fine-pored structure. This means that considerably more oils and very small particles are retained during the brewing process. The result is a very clear, aromatic filter coffee, which typically underlines the natural sweetness of the coffee.

Award-winning design

ts extraordinary design in the form of an hourglass has won many awards and has earned the Chemex a permanent place in the exhibition of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and a place in the Top 100 design products of modernity. It was invented by the German chemist Dr. Peter J. Schlumbohm, a chemist and frahling enthusiast living in New York at the beginning of the last century who designed the Chemex with all his experience in filter techniques and extraction processes. For example, the channel in the upper part of the jug not only makes pouring easier but also allows water vapor from the already filtered coffee to escape from the belly of the Chemex past the filter.

Owners of the Chemex do not have to be restricted to filter coffee brewing. Of course, the long-lasting glass carafe is also suitable for brewing good teas. The special glass absorbs practically no foreign aromas. Brewing coffee over ice cubes in summer is also very popular. With the so-called „Ice Brew“, about half of the water is added to the carafe as ice cubes and the normal amount of coffee is brewed hot with the remaining water. The coffee drips onto the ice and cools down immediately. The result is a particularly mild, aromatic coffee that ensures a refreshing coffee pleasure even on warm summer days.

Overview of technical details

3 cups Chemex carafe with glass handle

  • Delivery : Heat resistant glass
  • Dimensions (H | Ø) : 20 | 8 cm
  • Filling quantity : 450 ml
  • Weight : 365 g
  • Cleaning : Dishwasher safe
  • Design : Dr. Peter J. Schlumbohm

6 cups Chemex carafe with glass handle

  • Scope of delivery: Heat resistant glass
  • Dimensions (H | Ø) : 23 | 13 cm
  • Filling quantity : 890 ml
  • Weight : 780 g
  • Cleaning : Dishwasher safe
  • Design : Dr. Peter J. Schlumbohm

16 customer reviews

die schöne Form der Karaffe gefällt mir…

die schöne Form der Karaffe gefällt mir sehr gut

Customer17 February 2022

Sehr gute Verarbeitung und handling

Kunde4 January 2021

Sehr gute Verarbeitung und handling

Anna M.4 January 2021

Alles super. Kaffee schmeckt prima. Gerne wieder.

Kunde6 November 2020

Der Glasgriff erleichtert das Handling der Kanne deutlich. Top Produkt!

Kunde19 May 2020

echter Genuss

Meine Nesspresso-Kaffeemaschine habe ich verschenkt und mir einen Chemex-Kaffeebereiter zugelegt. Diesen Schritt habe ich niemals bereut. Die Kaffeebohnen kaufe ich in einer kleinen Rösterei in meiner Heimatstadt und mahle sie vor der Zubereitung des Kaffees immer frisch. dc4d4Aus edlen Bohnen bekomme ich einen hervorragenden Kaffee - ein echter Genuss. Das Leben des Menschen ist zu kurz, um schlechten Kaffee zu trinken.

Hans-Joachim10 September 2017

Ich komme von Nespresso Automatennutzung zu einem Chemex System was mir in der Zubereitung sehr viel Spass macht und geschmacklich auch stimmt

Hans-Werner B.25 October 2016

schade, dass es nur mit den eigenen Filtern geht, und nicht mit solchen, die auch in den Supermärkten verkauft werden.

Sonja H.14 May 2016

Alles OK. Für den Gegenwert vielleicht etwas überteuert...

Alexander K.28 December 2015

Kaffeekochen wird zum wissenschaftlichen Projekt. Im positiven Sinne. Sehr schön anzuschauen. Die Kanne verzeiht keinen schlechten Kaffee. Mit guten Bohnen kommt allerdings ein top Kaffe heraus.

Heiko M.14 June 2014