Bezzera Strega S espresso machine

With the Bezzera Strega you get an incomparable espresso experience with lots of tradition at home.

  • Traditional Italian extraction method with hand lever
  • Comparatively consistent results for hand lever machines
  • Relatively short heating-up time thanks to electrically heated brewing group
  • 3 liter water tank

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Recommended by roast master Hannes:

Feliciano Castillo Coffee & Espresso! with tastes of Dark Chocolate and Pecan Nut.

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1 customer reviews


Habe die Strega seit 5 Jahren und bin immer noch begeistert. Keinerlei Reparaturen. Macht Spaß und vor allem tollen Espresso. Dass es dort keine "Spiel- und Experimentiermöglichkeiten" gibt, habe ich nie vermisst.

Peter25 January 2021