Filter Coffee Set Strong Roast

The filter coffee set for strong coffee lovers with two full-bodied, spicy coffees that also taste great with milk - gently and freshly roasted.

  • Toleyo: 100% Arabica blend from Colombia and Indonesia with full-bodied, spicy cocoa aromas
  • Buna Dimaa: 100% Arabica blend from Colombia, Peru and Ethiopia with full-bodied, strong aromas of roasted nuts
  • 250 g of coffee each coffee
Buna Dimaa

€37.60/kg incl. VAT

Delivery 1 to 3 days in 🇩🇪

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We invest €1 per kg of coffee with ours Coffee Circle Foundation e.V. in the growing regions in sustainable coffee cultivation, education and clean drinking water.

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1 customer reviews

Incredible flavour!

I'm a big fan of darker roasts and have to say that these two coffees did not disappoint! I really enjoyed mixing it up and having a Tolayo in the morning then a Kivu in the afternoon and vice versa. Great combo!

Angus29 November 2018