Espresso Yirga Santos

Yirga Santos is a full-bodied espresso blend with 25% Robusta content. It forms a wonderful crema and tastes outstanding in milk based drinks.

TasteStrong | Chocolate, Brown Sugar
Roast Degree
OriginIndia, Brazil, Ethiopia
Sort25 % Robusta, 75 % Arabica, Blend

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Verpackung Classic Yirga Santos

Yirga Santos is your golden ticket to the chocolate factory

100 % natural


Yirga Santos Espresso is an optimal blend from three countries of origin. The blend of 75 % Arabica and 25 % Robusta beans produces an intense and round espresso with rich chocolate and nut aromas – a result of the natural aroma of the coffee cherry.

Preparation tips

Try the Yirga Santos, ideally freshly ground, prepared in an espresso machine or in the mocha pot. The Yirga Santos also tastes great as a cappuccino.

Fresh roasting in Berlin

The Yirga Santos is roasted for about 18 minutes at almost 220 °C. The gentle drum roasting allows the flavors to develop better. Since we roast the espresso in small batches, it is always delivered fresh to you and you enjoy a particularly balanced and chocolaty espresso.

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Bestseller Classic Mix aus Limu, Sidamo, Buna Dimaa, Grano Gayo, Yirga Santos

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100% natural cultivation

In this coffee we combine the fine Limu beans with high quality beans from Brazil and premium Robusta beans from Indonesia. This blend of 75% Arabica and 25% Robusta beans provides an intense and round espresso with full-bodied flavors of chocolate and nuts that will please lovers of strong coffees. Important to us in our blend is that all three coffees are naturally grown.

The APAS cooperative

  • Slope: Mantequiera de Minas, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
  • Geo coordinates: 22°00’08.9″S 44°44’51.4″W
  • Altitude: 1,200 m
  • Plant: bourbon, typica, caturra, catuai, mundo novo.
  • Processing: natural

The Bore Dinsera cooperative

  • Slope: Agaro, Limu, Ethiopia.
  • Geo coordinates: 7°54’38.7″N 36°26’32.4″E
  • Altitude: approx. 2,020 m
  • Coffee farmers: approx. 300
  • Plant: local landraces, Arabica
  • Processing: washed
  • Harvest time: October – January

The Dampit farm

  • Origin: Aurelia Da’Gabo, East Java Indonesia.
  • Geo coordinates: 7°57’05.7″S 113°59’14.3″E
  • Altitude: 400-500 m
  • Coffee farmers: 50
  • Processing: natural

Where does the Espresso Blend Yirga Santos come from?

Minas Gerais in Brazil

Brasil coffee comes from the APAS cooperative in the Mantequiera de Minas region in the state of Minas Gerais in southeastern Brazil. The cooperative is structured as a smallholder and the farmers not only attach importance to the highest coffee quality, but also to fair production conditions. The cultivation area is located at an altitude of about 1,200 m, where the coffee is carefully harvested and processed. The coffee cherries dry in the sun after harvesting (processing „natural“), so that the coffee develops a ripe sweetness and brings a wonderful chocolaty note.

Limu in Ethiopia

Limu coffee comes from the Bore Dinsera cooperative, located in western Ethiopia. Here, the coffee cherries are grown at an altitude of 2,000 meters in shady forest gardens. After harvesting, the cherries are delivered to the cooperative’s washing station and processed centrally. In the region, we are working closely with ten cooperatives on our Education and Quality Training project. In doing so, we help the farms to improve the quality of their produce – for higher income in the long term. This improves the farmers‘ living conditions in the long term.

Indonesia Robusta

For our blend, we found a Robusta coffee from the island of Java in Indonesia. This region is known for the best Robusta of Indonesia. When selecting the cherries, only the ripe Robusta cherries are picked for which a premium is paid, allowing the coffee to achieve the scoring of a „fine Robusta“. The coffee is dried in the cherry, thus processed naturally.

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1017 customer reviews


Ausgezeichnet, weil belebend und im Mund so weich, harmonisch.

Customer2 May 2024

Super Kaffee

Super Kaffee , schnelle Lieferung. Alles wie immer ! Danke

Customer18 April 2024

Erfüllt gar nicht meine Erwartung

Erfüllt gar nicht meine Erwartung. Bitter, wenig charakter, in alen zubereitungsarten in meinen Augen einfach flach.

Customer17 April 2024

Es ist sehr gut geschmeckt!

Es ist sehr gut geschmeckt!

Customer16 April 2024

Wunderbares Aro

Wunderbares Aroma

Customer24 March 2024

Der Geschmack des Yirgs Santos ist…

Der Geschmack des Yirgs Santos ist einfach nur gut, vollmundig, aromatisch und keine Säure.

Customer22 January 2024

Ein toller Kaffe für den täglichen…

Ein toller Kaffe für den täglichen Genuss! Ich selbst und meine Gäste, die ihn genossen haben, sind sehr zufrieden und begeistert.

Customer22 January 2024



Customer5 January 2024

Ein toller Kaffee

Ein toller Kaffee - ein sehr guter Geschmack wie beschrieben - schnelle und unkomplizierte Bestellung und Lieferung. Jederzeit wieder!

Customer4 January 2024


Customer28 December 2023