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Why does my coffee taste bitter?


You’re excited to finally try your new coffee. And then this – the coffee tastes bitter! On this page you will learn about possible causes that explain the bitter taste, as well as tips on what you can do about it.

Possible causes of bitter coffee taste

1. The brewing temperature of the water is too high (above 96°C)

Be careful not to use boiling water when preparing coffee. The ideal water temperature for most forms of preparation is 92°- 96°. If the water is hotter than this, the coffee will taste bitter. If the water is colder than 85°, the coffee tastes watery to sour. The water temperature has a great influence on which and how many aroma substances are released from the coffee. Our tip: Let the kettle rest for about a minute after boiling or transfer it immediately to another vessel (for example, the Kettle Hario Buono), then the water has reached the ideal temperature.

2. The coffee is very dark roasted

The darker coffee beans are roasted, the more bitter they contain. For financial reasons, coffees in the industry are often „shock roasted“ for a very short time at very high temperatures. In this way, the coffee bean burns on the outside while it is still almost raw on the inside. Learn more about coffee roasting ›

Our tip: Go for lighter roasts or pay attention to how your coffee was roasted.

3. Grinding degree is too fine

Too fine a grind results in too long an extraction time for the coffee. This causes unwanted bitter substances to dissolve. How to find the right grind ›

4. Too much Robusta coffee

Robusta coffee has the characteristic of tasting darker and more bitter than Arabica beans. So pay attention to the type of bean when choosing your coffee. Learn more about the differences between Robusta and Arabica coffee ›

5. Cleaning your coffee accessories

Insufficient cleaning of your coffee accessories can cause your coffee to taste bitter. Check all parts that come into contact with coffee. Here are tips for cleaning your espresso machine and your coffee maker. Also learn how to make your espresso taste even better ›.

How to find the right espresso grind

Try our coffees and espressos

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