Feliciano Castillo Coffee & Espresso

We are very happy to welcome Feliciano Castillo back to our range. This time we roasted the current harvest as an Omni Roast. This means that this coffee is suitable for preparation as both filter coffee and espresso.

Note: The ground version is best suited for preparing filter coffee.

TasteVelvety | Dark Chocolate, Pecan Nut
Roast Degree
Sort100 % Arabica, Single Origin

€59.60/kg incl. VAT

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Nutty-chocolaty omni-roast


The Feliciano Castillo is a nutty and at the same time very chocolatey coffee. In terms of flavor nuances, it reminds us of pecan nuts and dark chocolate. The coffee is underscored by its slightly spicy undertones. The Feliciano Castillo is medium-bodied, roasted as an ‚omni roast,‘ making it suitable for both preparation as filter coffee and for espresso.

Zubereitungsanleitung Espresso: Schritt 6

Preparation tips

The Feliciano Castillo is suitable for all preparation methods and, thanks to its roasting, is rather low in acidity. As filter coffee, the mild, full-bodied flavors come into their own. As espresso, the coffee provides a velvety mouthfeel with a pleasant nutty aftertaste, which is accentuated optimally in a cappuccino.

Medium roast

We roast the Feliciano Castillo fresh every week in our roastery in Berlin. Our roastmasters carefully monitor the moment when the sweetness and aroma of the coffee unfold optimally. The roasting profile is individually crafted by our roastmasters based on the characteristics of the coffee.

Hannes in der Rösterei


The coffee is named after its producer, the coffee farmer „Feliciano Castillo.“ Our roastmaster Hannes had the opportunity to visit Feliciano Castillo’s farm in Honduras in March 2023, after we had purchased the coffee a year earlier through direct contacts. Hannes reported with a gleam in his eyes that Feliciano’s farm is incredibly remote and beautifully situated. Feliciano is a passionate farmer, for whom his coffee farm is the center of his life. He works every day to produce the best possible coffee. When the coffee cherries are ripe, the red cherries are hand-picked and processed through the „washed“ method. The ripe cherries are separated from unripe ones, the pulp is removed, and then the remaining pulp („mucilage“) is separated from the bean through fermentation in a water tank. Finally, the beans are evenly dried and turned at regular intervals until the optimal moisture content is reached. After about 12 days, the beans have attained the optimal moisture content, and the coffee is ready for export.

Honduras: Feliciano Castillo

  • Origin: Lempira, Honduras
  • Geo-coordinates: 14°24’23.2″N 88°42’21.1″W
  • Altitude: 1,650 m
  • Coffee Farmer: Feliciano Castillo
  • Processing: washed
  • Arabica Varieties: Parainema, 100% Arabica

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Einfach lecker

Einfach lecker. Für mich am bestens als Espresso

Customer29 December 2023