ECM C-Manuale 54 Espresso Grinder

The C-Manuale 54 in a simple, slim design conjures up delicious espresso and convinces with particularly easy handling!

  • 54 mm stainless steel disc grinder
  • Easy cleaning due to removable ejector
  • Manual dosage
  • 54 grind levels adjustable with wheel with snap-in function

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    1 customer reviews

    Great grinder for manual anthousiasts

    I recently aquired this grinder from CoffeeCircle and am using it for a few weeks now. The reason for buying the ECM-C Manuale 54 was that my previous grinder had some difficulty grinding some beans. SInce I roast my own beans, I like every step from raw bean to coffee to be my own doing. I love the fact that this is basically just a big(!) motor and steel burs. The result is a very evenly grind. Of course it took a while for me to get to the right setting and it turns out to be rather fine. Buying the ECM from CoffeeCircle was a lot cheaper than the next.

    Toet5417 March 2022