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Espresso Discovery Set

Espresso Discovery Set

With the large espresso discovery set you can try the whole world of coffee flavors.

  • Sidamo: 100% Arabica, Single Origin: Ethiopia, tastes reminiscent of dark berries & caramel.
  • Grano Gayo: 100% Arabica, Blend: Indonesia, Colombia, Mexico & Peru, tastes like roasted aromas & brown sugar
  • Yirga Santos: 75 % Arabica, 25 % Robusta, Blend: Brazil, India & Ethiopia, tastes like brown sugar & chocolate
  • House Blend: 100 % Arabica, Blend: Colombia, Congo & Laos, tastes like marzipan & nougat
  • Cerrado: 100 % Arabica, Single Origin: Ethiopia, tastes like hazelnuts & sweet fruits

The set consists of 250 g of whole beans of each variety.

Classic, nutty, chocolatey or fruity, this set has them all and more. Try now and find your new favorite coffee!

With every cup you support our drinking water projects in Ethiopia. Learn more

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