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Espresso House Blend

Espresso House Blend

Our House Blend Espresso consists of 100% Arabica beans and combines varietals from Ethiopia and Colombia to create a well balanced and medium-strong espresso.

  • Medium roast with notes of marzipan and nougat
  • Balanced, slightly sweet taste
  • Fresh and gently drum-roasted blend
  • Pure Arabica beans, hand-picked
Taste Marzipan, Nougat
Sort 100 % Arabica, Blend
Origin Brazil, Columbia, Congo, Laos

The best experience

For your espresso, the roast and the right accessories are crucial.

The best selling grinders

One of the most important parameters for really good espresso is the espresso grinder. These grinders achieved great results in our tests.

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Whether you are a beginner, amateur barista or professional - you will find the right espresso machine for you. All machines are easy to use with very good espresso results.

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For home baristas and those who want to become one, we offer high-quality espresso accessories. With tamper and milk jug, nothing stands in the way of the café feeling at home.

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Prepare aromatic and strong coffee in an easy way: With the classic Bialetti espresso maker.

With every cup you support our drinking water projects in Ethiopia. Learn more

Full-bodied espresso with hints of marzipan and nougat

100 % natural


The House Blend Espresso is a medium-bodied and rich espresso blend made from 100 % Arabica beans. In the House Blend we combine the taste of nutty chocolate notes from Brazil, Colombia and Laos with spicy coffee from D.R. Congo. The taste of the espresso reminds of marzipan and nougat.

Preparation tips

The House Blend Espresso is very well suited for preparation in the espresso machine, in a fully automatic machine and in the moka pot. It is best to grind the espresso freshly at home to get the optimum of aromas.

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House Blend und Grano Gayo Espresso neben Graef Mühle und QuickMill Orione Espressomaschine und Cappuccino

Fresh and careful roasting in Berlin

The House Blend is a medium strength Espresso-Blend, which our roasting masters roast in 50 kg batches until right before the so-called second crack. This refers to the coffee oils coming to the surface (also known as „Full City“).

The medium dark roast not only makes the espresso taste particularly aromatic, the crema also turns out rich.

Hier rösten wir

House Blend Espresso is also available by subscription

  • Automatic delivery to your home
  • Adjust or pause at any time
  • Can be cancelled at any time

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100% natural cultivation

The name of the House Blend gives it away: This is a blend, i.e. a coffee mixture from four different origins. All coffees are 100% Arabica beans and are grown in a natural way.

The first component comes from Brazil, from the farm Fazenda Sertão, which we visited in November 2018. The farm owner Nazareth Dias Pereira and his family do a great job on their coffee. It results in a very nutty yet slightly fruity Brazilian coffee.

The „Fazenda Sertão“ farm

  •  Origin: Farm Fazenda Sertão, Carmo de Minas, Brazil
  • Geo coordinates: -18° 45′ 28.18″ -46° 58′ 27.09″
  • Altitude: 1,050 m
  • Coffee farmer: Nazareth Dias Pereira and his family.
  • Processing: natural processed
  • Plant: Yellow Bourbon


Kaffeekirschen in den Bastkörben

The ASCISP Cooperative

  • Slope: Gaitania, Planadas, Tolima, Colombia
  • Geo coordinates: 3°05’18.8 „N 75°42’51.5 „W
  • Height: 1.800 m
  • Number of coffee farmers in cooperative: 150
  • Processing: washed
  • Plant: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia, Típica (Arabica)

The Daterra Farm

  • Origin: Farm Daterra, Minais Gerais, Cerrado region, Brazil
  • Geo coordinates: -18° 45′ 28.18″ -46° 58′ 27.09″
  • Height: 1.855 m
  • Coffee farmers: Family Pascoal and employees
  • Processing: pulped natural
  • Plant: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Catuai

The Kawa Kabuya Cooperative

  • Slope: Kawa Kabuya Cooperative, North Kivu, D.R. Congo
  • Geo coordinates: 0°06’47.1 „N 29°20’28.4 „E
  • Height: 2.730 m
  • Number of coffee farmers in cooperative: 2,500
  • Processing: washed
  • Plant: Bourbon

The Jing Jhai Cooperative

  • Slope: Jing Jhai, Bolaven Plateau, Laos
  • Geo coordinates: 15°06’23.4″N, 106°11’45.2″E
  • Height: 1.200 m
  • Number of coffee farmers in cooperative: 298
  • Processing: honey processed
  • Plant: mixed Arabica
Wir kennen die Farmer unserer Kaffees

Direct trade at eye level

On our travels we try dozens of coffees in cuppings, with the aim of selecting the best coffees from the current harvest. No, it never gets boring! We taste and smell ourselves through countless aromas in completely different combinations. Our aim is not only to discover the best coffees in the world, but also to get to know the people and their lives who grow these coffees.

With every cup of coffee you support our projects!

1 € per kilogram of coffee automatically goes to one of our social projects in Ethiopia or D.R. Congo. In this way we support the coffee farmers together in building a better life with the help of growing coffee.

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Kunde 7 Feb 2022

Sehr ausgeglichen wenig Säure.

Kunde 3 Feb 2022

Kunde 1 Feb 2022

Kunde 27 Jan 2022
Mokka Kanne

Ich habe die Espressobohne zum Großteil in der Bialetti zubereitet, deshalb kann ich nur dafür sprechen: Die Bohne schmeckt nicht anders als ein billiger Lavazza. In der Aeropress ganz in Ordnung, man kann sich unter Umständen noch eine Note vorstellen, in der Chemex nicht genießbar (war zu erwarten).

Leon 8 Jan 2022

Kunde 4 Jan 2022

Kunde 2 Jan 2022

Kunde 2 Jan 2022

Bester espresso

Kunde 19 Dec 2021

Kunde 12 Dec 2021

Kunde 26 Oct 2021

Lecker und solide Qualität! Wir trinken ihn sehr gerne!

Kunde 19 Oct 2021

Koffeinfreien Kaffee, toll im Geschmack

Kunde 13 Oct 2021

Wir können uns gar nicht entscheiden, welche Ihrer Sorten die beste ist!

Kunde 20 Sep 2021

Ausgewogen, eher leicht als kräftig

Kunde 16 Sep 2021

erstklassiger Espresso. (bester im Büro ;-)

Kunde 22 Aug 2021

Guter Espresso, aber nicht mein Geschmack

Kunde 8 Aug 2021

Lecker! Immer wieder gerne!

Kunde 4 Aug 2021
Herausfordernd aber super lecker

Ich konnte mir die negativen Bewertungen nicht erklären als ich die Packung öffnete und die relativ dunkle Röstung sah, weil ich dachte das muss doch leicht zuzubereiten sein.
Allerdings ist er ähnlich herausfordernd wie z.B. der Sidamo.
Er neigt bei Unterextraktion schneller zu sauer zu schmecken als man das von dunklen Röstungen gewohnt ist und kippt schneller ins Bittere bei Überextraktion.
Deswegen sollte man echt ein bisschen ausprobieren und präzise mit den Zeiten sein.

Allerdings dieser Aufwand lohnt sich, denn dieser Espresso hat dann eine so eindeutige Marzipannote mit einer Beinote von dunkler Schokolade und Nougat das ich mich nach den ersten misslungenen Brühungen gleich verliebt habe in diesen Espresso. Ich werde ihn wieder bestellen.
Wer einen pflegeleichten Vollautomaten-Espresso erwartet wird vermutlich enttäuscht sein.

Mein Rezept:
18g, 93°C , 26 Sek. , 42-48 ml

Christian 30 Jul 2021

Auch sehr lecker mein Sohn mag den besonders gerne

Kunde 28 Jul 2021