Cerrado Coffee & Espresso

The Cerrado is our first 100% Arabica coffee from Brazil and is some of the best quality coffee the country has to offer. Cerrado is nutty, chocolatey and suitable for both filter coffee and espresso.

Our coffee of the month is Cerrado! To celebrate, we double the donation. In March, 2 € per kilo of Cerrado will go to our social projects.

TasteHazelnut, Sweet Fruits
Sort100 % Arabica, Single Origin

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Cerrado Omniroast Filterkaffee und Espresso Aromen

Full-bodied with aromas of hazelnut and sweet fruits


On our trip through Brazil we got to know the farm „Daterra – sustainable coffee“ personally and were immediately enthusiastic: The farm combines sustainable cultivation methods and innovative spirit with the highest coffee quality. We are happy to present you the first coffee we created together!

Cerrado coffee has a taste reminiscent of hazelnut, chocolate and provides a velvety mouthfeel. You will also taste subtle notes of ripe fruit, which round off the coffee in a special way. The coffee is a so-called Omni Roast and is suitable for all methods of preparation of coffee and espresso.

Cerrado Filterkaffee Espresso in einer Tasse mit Milch

Preparation tips

The coffee is particularly low in acidity thanks to its roasting. As a filter coffee, the mild, full-bodied aromas are shown to their best advantage. As an espresso, the coffee provides a velvety mouthfeel with a pleasant nutty aftertaste, which is optimally emphasized with a little milk as cappuccino.

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Sustainably grown, freshly roasted

Cerrado is medium roasted until the moment when the complex aroma of the coffee is in harmony with light roasting notes. The gentle drum roasting process takes place in 36 kg batches with a roasting time of approx. 12:30 minutes and a final temperature of 210 °C. We spent a long time polishing the coffee’s roasting profile, making the beans ideal for all types of coffee or espresso preparation (a so-called omni roast).

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Fernando aus dem Coffee Circle Team
Cerrado Omniroast Espresso und Filterkaffee mit Kinto Tasse

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Cerrado Region in Brazil

The coffee comes from the savannah region „Cerrado“ in the state of Minas Gerais. On the one hand Brazil is known for nutty, chocolaty coffees, on the other hand the country struggles with an image of mass and monoculture coffee cultivation. Therefore, it was very important for us to find a sustainable partner on site, which meets our ideals.

When purchasing our green coffees, we are guided by 7 purchasing criteria,that we have set as our goal.

Near the city of Patrocínio is the farm „Daterra – sustainable coffee“, which has already won numerous awards in the field of sustainability. We were convinced by the farm team with their great passion for sustainability and coffee. Together with universities, they have been researching innovative and sustainable cultivation concepts for many years to bring agriculture into harmony with nature. With Daterra, we have a trade relationship on an equal footing. For our Cerrado coffee we use a variety of Daterra, which consists of the varieties Catuai, Mundo Novo and Bourbon, which are processed using the pulped natural method. (A mistake has crept in on the label of the coffee, the coffee was not washed but pulped natural processed) This gives the coffee a very nice chocolaty note and it is very low in acidity.

  • Origin: Minas Gerais, Cerrado, Brazil
  • Geo-coordinates: -18° 44′ 57.59″, -46° 59′ 32.34
  • Altitude: 1.250 m
  • Farm owner: Family Pascoal, Daterra
  • Processing: pulped natural
  • Variety: Catuai, Mundo Novo, Bourbon

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