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Limited Nitro Coffee - Limu Edition

Highlight! Premiere! Debut! We prepared our popular Limu coffee as a flash brew and then added nitrogen. The result? Our first ready-to-drink Nitro Coffee. A deliciously refreshing & sweet summer treat with an indescribably creamy smooth mouthfeel.

  • Filling quantity: 250 ml
  • Ingredients: Limu coffee, filtered water, nitrogen.
  • Taste: grape, dark chocolate
  • Storage: chilled at 5°C

With every cup you support our drinking water projects in Ethiopia. Learn more


Nitro Coffee is literally on the tip of everyone’s tongue. After the Cold Brew trend, the creamy counterpart is the next stop on coffee’s triumphant march as a summer refreshment. With our Limited Limu Edition, we have redesigned a coffee with a very special story as Nitro.

Your healthy energy drink

Ice-cold, delicious & sugar-free: Nitro Coffee is the summer limo 2.0! The Limu Limited Edition doesn’t just look good in your fridge at home. Grab a 6-pack as an energy boost after your lunch break at the office, as a special gift for the next BBQ or for the cooling box on a day at the beach with your friends.

What is Nitro Coffee?

Our Nitro Coffee is a coffee that is first prepared as Flash Brew and then nitrogen is added.
Flash Brew is a coffee that is brewed hot and then directly cooled. If nitrogen is now added, Nitro Coffee is born. The difference to filter coffee or other coffee refreshment drinks that can be enjoyed cold, such as Cold Brew, is the wonderfully frothy consistency, which creates an indescribably soft mouthfeel after a proper shaking of the can.

Frisch gezapft

This is why the Limu Edition Nitro Coffee is so special

Quite simply: the coffee that’s in it. Limu was the first Coffee Circle coffee in 2010 – and despite all the outstanding coffees that have followed it in the last ten-plus years, it has remained a favorite of many Coffee Circle fans to this day.

Limu was the first Coffee Circle coffee in 2010

The 100% Arabica Single Origin from the Limu region in Ethiopia meets almost every taste with its refreshingly sweet notes of grape and dark chocolate. That alone would be reason enough to select it for our Nitro premiere. But it is so close to our hearts for a completely different reason.

Coffee Circle & Limu

Our bond with Limu coffee is strong, but our bond with the Limu region is even stronger. As you may know, for every kilo of coffee you buy, we invest €1 in social projects in the growing regions. There we work for knowledge transfer in coffee cultivation, education and access to clean drinking water. Together with additional donations, we have already raised around €4 million by the end of 2021.
To date, Limu is the region where we have implemented the most projects – we have held quality trainings together with partners, built an elementary school, constructed a well and equipped the health station. Our largest project – the WaSH project – is still running today. Since 2015, we have been developing a drinking water system from two natural springs, which has already given 37,000 people access to clean drinking water.

Coffee Circle reist nach Äthiopien
2011: Kauf von Schulmöbeln und Lehrmaterialien (1.200 € und 1.900 €)
2011: Bau eines Schul-Volley- und Fußballplatzes (700 €)
2013: Solarstrom für eine Gesundheitsstation (25.000 €)
Äthiopien Schule
Der Hawaso Wasser Kiosk

The SCA Sustainability Award

In 2022, we received the annual Sustainability Award from the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) in the USA for our WaSH project. Without Limu coffee, this project might never have happened and we wanted to celebrate by finding a special way to honor the long track record of these beans – shortly after, the Limited Limu Nitro Coffee was born. You can see the award on the Nitro Coffee tin and also read more about it.

Last but not least: How to dispose of the packaging material

The cold packs we use to ship Nitro Coffee are made from non-toxic ingredients. You can either reuse them to cool things in transit or dispose of them in household waste.
The insulating mats are made of recycled paper and can be disposed of as a whole in the paper waste. You don’t need to tear them open.
The cans themselves go into the recycling system via the one-way deposit system. When you return them to a deposit station, you get €0.25 for each can. By the way, the deposit is included in the sales price.

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