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Toleyo Coffee

The Toleyo is a full-bodied and spicy filter coffee blend from Brazil, Indonesia and Laos. All those who like to drink their coffee strong or enjoy it with milk and sugar will be enthusiastic about the Toleyo.

  • Spicy flavour reminiscent of nutmeg and cocoa
  • Strong roast with low acidity
  • Suitable for all coffee preparation methods
  • 100 % Arabica beans from Brazil and Indonesia
Taste Cocoa, Nutmeg
Sort 100 % Arabica, Blend
Origin Brazil, Indonesia, Laos

The best experience

For your cup of coffee, the roast and the right accessories are crucial.

The highlight in the coffee kitchen: The coffee grinder

A key factor for the successful preparation of coffee is the grind, which significantly affects the coffee taste. All grinders have been extensively tested by us.

Aromatic and complex - coffee brewed by hand

With each brewing method, you get a unique taste experience. Here are our favorite coffee brewers to help you get the full flavor from your coffee.

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The ratio of coffee to water is essential for coffee brewing: Precision scales help to accurately weigh and measure the extraction time.

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The water temperature has a great influence on which and how many flavors are released from your coffee. Kettles with a gooseneck help you brew with precision.

Enjoy coffee at home

The smell of coffee wafts through the apartment, you're sitting on the couch and what you're missing is a nice cup.

With every cup you support our drinking water projects in Ethiopia. Learn more

The Toleyo - For fans of strong coffee

100 % natural


The Toleyo is a pleasantly strong and aromatic filter coffee, whose taste reminds us of nutmeg and cocoa. The Toleyo is perfect for coffee drinkers who like their coffee strong or with milk or sugar.

Preparation tips

Toleyo filter coffee is suitable for all methods of coffee preparation – even with milk! We recommend it for the coffee machine or the classic filter coffee maker. But also fans of manual preparation (French Press, hand filter, Chemex or AeroPress) get their money’s worth. We recommend using 250 ml of water for 15 g of coffee.

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Toleyo hat Noten von Muskatnuss und Kakao

Fresh and careful roasting in Berlin

Toleyo filter coffee is heavily roasted (a so-called „city roast“). Our roasting masters have perfected the recipe of the Toleyo over several weeks. The challenge was to optimally emphasize the character of the two origins of the coffee. The roasting profile of the Toleyo brings the complex aromas of the coffee from Colombia into harmony with roasted, tobacco-like notes from Indonesia. Convince yourself of the result!

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Toleyo Blend from Brazil, Indonesia and Laos

The Toleyo combines the benefits of Brazil, Indonesia and Laos. The brazilian component comes from the Farm Fazenda Sertão in the region Minas de Gerais. This coffee tastes very nutty, sweet and clear. The cooperative currently consists of 150 members who grow the coffee organically.

The Indonesian component comes from the north of the island of Sumatra. The coffee is called Mena Gold and is prepared by the farmer Musfaha Mandiri in the special wet hulled process. The cup profile impressed us with its spicy, earthy and slightly smoky aroma.

The Laotian component comes from our long-term partner cooperative JingJhai. The cooperative is characterized by a special commitment to produce high quality coffee. For the blend of the Toleyo we use Arabica coffee from the cooperative.

Brazil: Farm Fazenda Sertão

  • Slope: Carmo de Minas, Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • Geo coordinates: 22°06’59.9″S 45°09’18.3″W
  • Height: 1.050 m
  • Number of coffee farmers in cooperative: 150
  • Processing: natural
  • Plant: Yellow Bourbon (100 % Arabica)

Indonesia: Mena Gold

  • Slope: Sumatra, Indonesia
  • Geo coordinates: 2°30’16.1″N 98°15’34.9″E
  • Height: 1.350 m
  • Number of coffee farmers in cooperative: 600
  • Processing: wet hulled
  • Plant: Tim-Tim, Bourbon (Arabica)

Laos: Cooperative Jing Jhai

  • Slope: Bolaven Plateau, Laos
  • Geo coordinates: 15°06’23.4″N, 106°11’45.2″E
  • Height: 1.200 m
  • Number of coffee farmers in cooperative: 298
  • Processing: honey processed
  • Plant: mixed Arabica
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With every cup of coffee you support our social projects

Because 1 € per kg of coffee goes into projects that improve the farmers‘ living conditions in the long term! Here you can find out more about our current projects in Ethiopia.

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Latest Reviews

Beste Ware.

Kunde 9 Feb 2022

Kunde 2 Feb 2022

Kunde 19 Jan 2022

Kunde 16 Jan 2022

Schmeckt einfach herrrrrlich!!!

Kunde 9 Jan 2022
In Ordnung

Der Café schmeckt in der Frenchpress okay, Aeropress ein bisschen besser und recht unscheinbar in der Chemex. Keine besonderes Noten, ein recht charakterloser aber dennoch guter Cafe.

Leon 8 Jan 2022

Kunde 3 Jan 2022

Kunde 7 Dec 2021
Für meinen Geschmack leider zu bitter

Der Toleyo hat mir aus dem Entdecker Probierset am wenigsten geschmeckt. Der Geschmack war für mich etwas zu dunkel und bitter. Außerdem hat mir diese "Würzigkeit" nicht gefallen und sie war meiner Meinung nach auch nicht harmonisch.

Ich habe durch das Probierset herausgefunden, dass ich eher hellere Kaffees mit fruchtiger Säure bevorzuge (Yirgacheffe, Limu) . Der Toleyo hatte bei mir 0 Säure oder Fruchtigkeit.

War also leider nichts für mich.

William 26 Nov 2021

Die Chargen, die ich bislang bekommen habe, waren OK, für mich nicht zu beanstanden. Vorher hatte ich immer den Limu. Da waren die letzten 3 Bestellungen aber dermaßen säuerlich-bitter, dass ich auf Toleyo umgestiegen bin.
Leider sind mir hier die Preise für "meine" Kaffeesorten, zu häufig "nach oben korrigiert worden". Da hilft auch einmal im Jahr ein Gutschein nichts. Den Gutschein werde ich zwar dieses Jahr noch einlösen, aber ich werde demnächst eine gute Alternative halt bei anderer Rösterei bestellen.

Geli 25 Nov 2021

Kunde 23 Nov 2021

Kunde 23 Nov 2021

Kunde 12 Nov 2021

Kunde 29 Oct 2021

Mit mein Lieblingskaffee

Kunde 25 Oct 2021
the best

the best

Taras 16 Oct 2021
Der beste

Ich habe das große Probierset gekauft und ich muss sagen dieser Kaffee schmeckt sehr gut! Ich trinke ihn immer mit etwas Hafermilch. Mein Freund hat einen empfindlichen Magen und verträgt ihn sehr gut :) - zu empfehlen!

Valerie 25 Sep 2021

Säurearmer Spitzenkaffee!

Kunde 22 Sep 2021

Der schmeckt am Besten ich glaube eine gelungene Mischung !

Kunde 15 Sep 2021
Leider sehr bitter

Der erste Kaffee von Coffee circle der mir gar nicht schmeckt. Sehr unangenehm bitter, Säure ist zwar da, aber nicht wirklich angenehm. Schade.

Gregor 6 Sep 2021