How to descale your Rancilio Silvia espresso machine


Hard water is every espresso machine’s worst enemy. It is important to descale it regularly in order to guarantee its longevity. Here, we describe step-by-step how to descale your Rancilio Silvia. That way, it will be your trusted friend for many more years.

Important to note: Ideally, you should only descale your machine when it is cold.

  1. Put powder for the descaling process into the recently filled water tank. Stir it with a plastic spoon until everything has dissolved. Do not use metal or silver spoons. Alternatively, you can also use a fluid descaler on the basis of citric acid.
  2. Turn on your machine. Draw water from the brewing head immediately and afterwards through the water lance. Draw enough water until ¼ of the tank is empty.
  3. Turn off your machine immediately. Let it rest for 20 minutes and let the descaler do its job. After these 20 minutes have passed, turn on your machine again and repeat steps 1 to 3. Again, use up ¼ of your water tank. Afterwards, turn the machine off again. Wait for another 20 minutes.
  4. Repeat step 4 until the water tank is empty.
  5. Now flush the water tank properly to ensure no remnants of the descaler are left. Fill it with fresh water. Let the fresh water run through the machine until the tank is empty. Rinse both the brewing head and the water lance alternately.
  6. Repeat step 6 one to three times until you are sure no remnants of the descaler are left in the machine.

We hope you continue to enjoy your espresso!

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