So machst du den perfekten Eiskaffee

Step by step: Iced coffee preparation with the Hario Water Dripper


At a glance

  • Amount of coffee
    60 g
  • Grind
  • Amount of water
    500 ml
  • Temperature
  • Brewing time
    min. 5 h

What you need:

The Japanese now not only consume more coffee than the French and Italians combined, but are also making a name for themselves in the coffee world with innovative preparation methods and refinements. In the Water Dripper from the Japanese company Hario, harmonious Japanese design and functionality merge to perfection. A real eye-catcher for the kitchen, the dining table, and the terrace.

Add coffee

1Fill the middle container with 60 g of freshly ground coffee. It is best to choose a rather coarse grind. It is important that you use a high-quality coffee. If you use inferior quality, the result will be anything but delicious, but will taste musty. The coffee also tastes much better when it is freshly ground.

Moisten coffee

2Moisten the coffee powder with a little water and stir it with a stick or spoon. Use enough water to moisten all the coffee powder.

Add the filter

3Place the paper filter on the ground coffee. It is best to rinse the filter with water to remove the paper-like taste of the filter. When placing the filter, make sure that the coffee is distributed as evenly and level as possible so that the dripping water does not collect more on either side and leads to uneven extraction of the coffee aromas.

Add ice and water

4Fill the top flask with ice and add some water so that the ice starts to melt and there is enough water to drip down. We start with a ratio of 2/3 ice to 1/3 water. By the way, if you put the flask on a scale, you can control the amount of ice and water more easily. For 60 g of coffee, we recommend using a total of 500 g of ice and water.

Set drip speed

5Turn the tap to control the drip rate so that a drop falls onto the coffee grounds every two seconds.

Wait and be amazed

6Now you have to wait and admire. Check the drip speed now and then.

Enjoy the coffee

7The coffee concentrate is ready after about 5 hours (!). If the time differs significantly, you should set your grind finer or coarser next time. Afterwards, we recommend that you extend the coffee concentrate with water or ice and, if necessary, a little milk, depending on your taste preference, so that your coffee has a smooth and differentiated taste.

Help, my coffee doesn't taste good!

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