Frau am Limu Kaffee zubereiten mit der Moccamaster Filterkaffeemschine

How to descale your Moccamaster filter coffee maker


Limescale is the enemy of every filter coffee machine. So that you can enjoy your Moccamaster for a long time, you should descale it regularly. On this page we show you how to remove limescale from your machine in three simple steps.

How often you should descale your Moccamaster depends on the hardness of the water used and the frequency of use. Clear indications that descaling is necessary: the glass tube inside the water reservoir is slightly cloudy or the machine makes increasingly loud noises during the brewing process.

  1. Fill the water reservoir with water up to the top mark and add the descaler according to the dosage instructions. The manufacturer recommends Durgol descaling agent and advises against citric acid-based agents. Stir well with a plastic spoon (do not use metal or silver spoons) until the solvent is completely mixed).
  2. Turn on the Moccamaster and wait until all the water has run through the machine into the pot.
  3. Now carry out the process twice more with clear water so that the device is well rinsed.

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