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Probierpaket Filterkaffee mit Toleyo, Yirgacheffe und Limu und die Chemex

Coffee & Espresso Tasting Packs

Discover three different types of coffee available from Coffee Circle. You can choose between tasting packs for filter coffee or espresso. Find your favourite coffee!
New: the Explorer Box with 24 different coffees.

Filter coffee & espresso tasting packs at a glance

  • 3 different varieties of coffee, 100 g of each
  • only available as whole beans
  • incl. preparation guide to hang on the wall
  • Ideal for a coffee tasting with friends

Our favourites in one box

Not every coffee is suited to every type of preparation. Above all, the roasting method plays an important role here. That’s why we’ve put together coffees that are perfectly suited to your preferred method of coffee preparation.

The filter coffee tasting pack can be best prepared using a filter coffee machine, as well as with a French Press, hand filter, Chemex or AeroPress.

The espresso tasting pack comprises three different degrees of roasting and flavours. Perfect for espresso machines and stovetop coffee makers.

With the Explorer Box we lead you into our world of coffee and show you 24 different coffees in tasting size – ideal for testing and comparing.

You’ll be surprised how different coffee can taste!

Did you know? Coffee contains more than 800 aromas, making it one of the most complex natural products there is. Thanks to the new tasting packs, you can now discover and experience this diversity and variety for yourself.

The flavour spectrum cannot only be described as strong or mild. A coffee can taste fruity, nutty, berry or chocolatey. With a little practice you will even be able to pinpoint whether a coffee reminds you of blackberry, rhubarb, forest honey or brown sugar. And best of all: this glorious diversity of flavours results from 100% natural cultivation.

The tasting packs come in a specially made box and contain more information about Coffee Circle and the coffees, as well as a „cupping note“ that can help you with a tasting. On each package you will also find the roasting date, which shows you how fresh your coffee is. We hope you enjoy tasting it!

Probierpaket Filterkaffee mit Toleyo, Yirgacheffe und Limu
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