El Púlpito Coffee

This Colombian coffee surprises you with its sweetness and fruitiness. One of our absolute favorites from our last trip to Colombia.

TasteSpicy | Grapefruit, Caramel
Roast Degree
Sort100 % Arabica, Limited Edition, Single Origin
Grinding degree

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El Pulpito Kaffee Mood

Light roasted filter coffee - Sweet like honey


We are excited to kick off the new year with one of our favorite coffees from our recent trip to Colombia. It’s a lightly roasted filter coffee that delights us with its unique combination of sweetness and acidity. It tastes especially great, if you enjoy it pure and without milk.

El Pulpito Kaffee Zubereitung

Preparation tips

The roast of El Púlpito is suitable for all methods of filter coffee preparation. We recommend it for preparation using the Pour-Over-Method such as with the Hario v60, for instance. Alternatively, El Púlpito also pairs well with the AeroPress or classic coffee machine.

Fresh and careful roasting in Berlin

We roast El Púlpito fresh every week in our roastery in Berlin. Our roasting masters pay close attention to the moment when the sweetness and aromatics of the coffee unfold optimally. The roasting profile is individually chosen by our roasters based on the characteristics of the coffee.

Hannes in der Rösterei


The coffee comes from the region Nariño in southern Colombia. The coffee farmer, José Antonio López, is 62 years old and owns a small farm with 2 hectares of farmland. He used to work in the construction sector but wanted to change his directions. So, during the pandemic, he found his passion in coffee cultivation. He was able to take over the farm „El Púlpito,“ where he now produces his own coffee. He specialized in micro-lots, such as this one.
For this micro-lot, José Antonio López and his harvesters only handpick the ripe coffee cherries and process them according to his own protocol: First, the coffee cherries are stored in bags for 48 hours. Then, the coffee cherries are mechanically pulped, leaving them to ferment for 24 hours in the remaining pulp („mucilage“). In the next step, the beans are washed to remove the remaining pulp, and then the beans will be evenly dried.

Colombia: El Púlpito

  • Location: El Púlpito, Nariño, Kolumbien
  • Geo coordinates: 1°22’06.6″N 77°06’42.1″W
  • Altitude: 2.000 m
  • Processing: washed
  • Arabica varieties: Castillo
El Nariño

Impressions from Hannes trip to Colombia

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